Lions never stop believing in come-from-behind win

VANCOUVER — Vernon Adams Jr. will never give up. More importantly, the BC Lions will never give on Vernon Adams Jr.

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The Lions may have never stopped believing, but more importantly, the REDBLACKS never stopped giving the Lions the ball back along with multiple opportunities to get back in the game. Ottawa could AND should have run out the clock more wisely by not playing too conservatively in the end, and definitely by not attempting a 50 yard field goal. A coffin corner punt or any punt out of bounds at the 20 yard line or less would not have given the Lions the chance to score so many points in so little time. A truly mind blowing display of poor time management and coaching!

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Thank you Arnie and you made a lot of good points but I will take the win nonetheless. I saw the Bombers took it in the old Donut Box.

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Just making sure there is motivation for both sides for the game at the end of the month. :grin::+1:t2:


I see this over and over at all levels. Coaches get afraid of making any mistake so they become ultra conservative, the defense knows exactly what they’ll do, and they punt it away with time for the other team to get back into it.


My apologies, Lion-king. The Lions deserve full props for taking full advantage of their opportunities. If only the Bombers took similar advantage of their chances in Hamilton. They did take it in the old Donut Box, if not in the donut hole as well.

But my point stands, the Ottawa play-calling in the 4th quarter was mond-blowing.

Enjoy the win!

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Yes, this was not an isolated coaching kerfuffle. And surely first-year head coach Bob Dyce will learn from this. I remember Mike O’Shea making several quedtionable ‘rookie’ calls in his first few seasons. But the combination of sevetal bad decisions made late in the game last night was a whole new level for me in this league.


A win is a win and in the CFL they can be amazing or head shaking. If the RBs had made the FG–Bob Dyce would be a genius, It is what it is and on any day it’s an upset or an easy win but still entertaining as hell!