Believe it or not I think Fridays game is very important. I would even call it a Western Final Rematch sort of. The Lions need a strong showing as It's pretty apparent that they will face either them or Calgary in a Western/ Semi West Showdown!We all know that a strong QB effort would help but not only does the offense need to step up and contain the blitz they need to give The QB a few extra seconds to get safely out of the pocket and refine some longer passes. As well Joe smith needs to get free and have some room to sprint. Most important Defense really needs to step up, as I feel at present this is B.C's weakest point. We've seen before ( Western Final 2006) B.C. scores early then defensively shuts down the offense and continues to move the ball down field we should be successful. They play as poorly as last week and its going to be a long painful season! As much as I don't want a repeat of last years ending, I 'd rather have a 8-10-0 season and a trip to the Grey Cup! GO LIONS GO See You At THE GAME FRIDAY! DON"T FORGET TO BE LOUD WHEN GREEN HAS THE BALL! :rockin:

Well that didnt work.

Yup pretty much up there with the Titanic and hair replacement in a can! dooooooo!