Lions need to let Jennings play and forget Lulay

Sorry but Jennings looks better than Lulay ever was.

Lulay i find always gets locked on one guy, can run the ball, but never great at throwing on the run.

Jennings reminds me of Damon Allan. We almost beat calgary after he came in, almost beat edmonton. With a rookie qb.

Lulay is injury prone worse than buck pierce now id say. We cant just hand him the starting job again it would be a mistake. Honestly he needs to go.

ever was, not way. is now, maybe.

Jennings has looked good, but lets not jump the gun just yet on anointing him the next Roy Dewalt

October 17th [in Edmonton] and 23rd against the Ti-Cats in Vancouver will tell the story whether Jennings is a one game wonder or the real deal. I think he's the real deal! This last game against SSK, [who the Lions seem to have trouble beating in Vancouver] it was a delight watch Jennings play. He played like a seasoned vet. He was poised, played with an abundance of confidence, got himself out of tough spots when about to be sacked and found the open receiver repeatedly. Passing at times was pin point accurate. Two of those passes were for TDs where the receiver had no more real estate left to run. It was like Jennings was throwing the ball into a barrel from 35 yards out!

I was glad to see Harris back. Not sure what was going on with Leone. This guy is deadly most often but Saturday he seemed to lack confidence and left a lot of points off the board. Maybe it was his holder?

I hope I'm not being premature but if Jennings can stay healthy and Harris can catch fire and the D continues to play good football I think the Lions have a good chance at making the playoffs and then doing a lot of damage once they are in.

SSK has struggled all season but have the personnel to do better than where they are in the standings. The Lions blew them out of the water this time! I'm feeling pretty good. :smiley: