Lions name Tanya Walter defensive assistant

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions announced on Tuesday the hiring of Tanya Walter to the coaching staff as defensive assistant. Walter becomes the first full-time female coaching hire in Canadian Football League history.

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Cool, wishing her(& my Lions) all the best.


I hope she is successful. No reason she couldn't be.

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After seeing what Catherine Raiche has done going from being the 1st woman executive in the CFL to the current VP of Football Ops with the Eagles, it's nice to see them making strides in other areas. Wish her all the best. Great hire.


I'm 72 years old and "old fashioned" is too a polite a word.

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This fantastic news. There are so many talented and knowledgable people that can and should be coaching, but have been blocked because of gender. Hopefully this first hire breaks the barriers down for good.

To Adm1nistrator... that is sexist and so outdated. You do realize that female reporters have been in the dressing rooms of pro teams for decades now, don't you? Also, if you actually get into the dressing room of pro teams, they are generally for the players only, except for brief visits by the coaches. The coaches have their own rooms, and all meetings are generally held in meeting rooms, or on the field.

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Given some sexist comments I had to delete, I'm going to see if I can find a link or two on the subject to help better inform.

I like the idea of women getting opportunities like this but I don't see how she's qualified. She's coached high school, some women's league ball and been a guest coach with a Junior team. There has to be a lot more qualified people out there. Bringing her to camp as a guest coach would make a lot more sense than bringing her on full time immediately.

Well, hey, if Danny Machocha found success.....

I’ve played and coached football at the university level for roughly 35 years. Over that time, I’ve met lots of coaches - both good and bad. Having said that, I know at least 100 coaches - who happen to be male - who are WAY more qualified then she is, to do the job she’s doing.

Here’s a question, how many players who played USport last season, would LOVE the opportunity she’s getting - strictly because of her gender? And, they would ALL be more qualified then she is?

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You hire the best people who have worked their way to the top. Good on Tanya. I’m 71 - before my days on this side of the grass are done, I look forward to seeing a female coordinator - maybe even a head coach in the CFL. I love football and know a lot about football. That said, I have met a lot of women whose knowledge of the game is incredible - and from whom I have learned a lot.

Now there's a good point!

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“….You hire the best people….”, couldn’t agree more. But, hiring a male HS coach in the CFL’s history is not only unheard of, it doesn’t happen - not enough experience. So there’s no chance she was “the best people”.

Oh and “knowledge of the game” and ability to coach at the highest leve, is the difference between a real good fan and a pro. She may turn into a good coach, although I’ve LOTS of bad male HS coaches, but hiring her as a CFL coach literally happened because of her gender. I think we can both agree, there are TONS of male HS coaches with MANY years more experience, who would be considered, “best people”.

OK, not a question on "her" qualifications but rather a statement on fans...We all know fans of any sport who CONSTANTLY claim that they know MORE than any coach at any level...but for some reason they have NEVER been gainfully employed at that capacity... and on a side note any of her detractors have no clue what her qualifications actually are or exactly what her role will be. My thinking is that it just too bad to she is going to team that has been a dumpster fire for so long because chances are with two very unproven quarterbacks and a history of shite for O-lines the team will again be a dumpster fire and she will be the focus of all that is wrong.

Ironically superfluous and exaggerated coming from someone claiming to argue against 'know-it-alls'. But hey, at least you got your shot in! She'll be coaching the defensive side and not those unproven quarterbacks or shite O-line.

[quote="cflcats, post:19, topic:76774"]

Ironically superfluous and exaggerated coming from someone claiming to argue against 'know-it-alls'. But hey, at least you got your shot in! She'll be coaching the defensive side and not those unproven quarterbacks or shite O-line.

[/quote]it don't matter what she fiches is my point, the mere fact she is on staff will put her under the microscope no matter what

So I looked around for articles about female coaches on men's teams and found this one - How female coaches can help bring professional men's football into the 21st century

In addition, Chris O'Leary of wrote more about Tanya Walter here that went up on the site today - O'Leary: Tanya Walter breaks through w/ Lions -

I just have one question, if everything is supposed to be equal opportunity how come male reporters are not allowed in female dressing rooms? Seems to me some people are more equal than others. :roll_eyes:

I'm not sure if you're being serious or just trolling, but either way here's a clip of male coaches and male camera people inside a WNBA women's dressing room from the official WNBA youtube channel.... in 2017.

In regards to your thinking on the Lions being a dumpster fire team, I would like to remind that if the club had a competent field goal kicker from the beginning of the season they would have had 3 extra wins. In regards to the hiring of a female coach, I believe experience and qualification should be considered when hiring. The only way to find out, is to give her a chance. At 71, my experience has shown me, woman deserve a chance to prove themselves, just like men.

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