Lions might get kicked out of BC Place during renos to the r

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Wasn't April 1 over 3 months ago?

There is no other facility to handle that size of crowd. Gary Kingston is usually a decent writer. Must be auditioning for the National Enquirer.

Fact is, during installattions, instead one game rotations like one home game; one road game, two home games; two road games, the Lions may in fact have to play four or five games on the road, and then get a lengthy Home stand at either the front end or back end of the schedule. That is not a secret, that possibility was announced when the renovations were announced.

If they have to work on it during the season what are they supposed to do, obviously there might be a problem. I say play them on the road so we dont have to pay yet even more money to build a temp. stadium.

That’s what I’d suspect too. 4-5 games on the road is no fun but I guess you have to compromise. That could give the construction crew about a 5-6 weeks…

I would think that the last thing the Lions want is to be a road team for the 2010 season. The Lions can't afford to be "out of sight, out of mind" the year before the Whitecaps move up to MLS in 2011. MLS will likely make a big splash in Vancouver, just like it did in Seattle and Toronto.

I think the fan bases for soccer and football are, for the most part, quite distinct. I don't see a lot of football fans going gaga over soccer just because the MLS has arrived. It takes years, decades of training to be able to watch a soccer game successfully I would say. :wink:

A few years ago, Molson Stadium was undergoing major renovations. It forced the Alouettes to play their exhibition game in Quebec City, and their first three regular season games on the road.