Lions might be getting new uniforms early

Speaking about merchandising, one of my pet peeves is that of the amount of the color black is in merchandising. i know black is popular. But it gets old after awhile, you start to wonder if people would fail in art class because everyone prefers black. LOL!!!

Wow seeing Calgary in their home reds/black with BC’s home orange/black clashes tonight .

It’s difficult to watch this preseason game .

Hope they do something next time it’s pretty bad .

I wish Calgary would just go back to their Red and White Uniform and team colours (get rid of the black). Also, a big reason to continue having teams use white jerseys as their away uniforms.

This fan made set up is fantastic IMO - I just change the shoulder stripe colour to white.

Totally agree a grey white and red would look sharp .

The colour scheme tonight is awash with similar team colours it’s so bad with the black accents .

If the Stamps had black helmets tonight still it would have been even worse .

…the red vs dark orange was difficult to track for sure, almost wonder if the stamps simply made a mistake and the eq.mgr packed the wrong gear…they should’ve been in white…

Agreed. Made it hard to watch the game.

I wondered the exact same thing!

I agree. And I didn’t like the ones they’d been using these last few years.


Orange shirts and orange pants is not a good look .

Black pants or even white would look proper .

The helmets at least returned to normal .

I like the look… a mixture of old & new…

New uniforms looked good last night with pre season win over the Stamps. Even with a kicker that couldn’t for the life of him find his mark and a somewhat horrific and sloppy defense, they still pulled it off.

Pretty fun stuff for Pre-Season

I'd love to see the Lions go with something like this in the future, I'd just change to pants to black, and it's set. The fan made logo is a beaut as well IMO.

Have to agree the fan made one’s are above the one’s they have now including logo . The bc logo in front looks good .

Its like everything in the CFL the Redblacks logo could have been so much better .

The name could have been better but some non marketing guy with no artistic talent or marketing stylist designs his pyjamas and name for market despite the factor it’s not clean .

Thank goodness for stompin tom and mufferaw Joe or this marketing titanic would have sunk to the bottom .

The Lions’ new uniform looks good but sorry, orange pants with an orange jersey looks shockingly bad. Perhaps it was made worse by the colour clash of the Stamps inexplicably bringing their home reds (I’m surprised there weren’t more INTs!), but the sight of 70 odd men dressed in all orange Friday night looked like a pumpkin patch.

Switch to black pants w/ orange socks or grey/silver pants (per the above) and you have a completely winning look, head to toe. But it’s something about wearing orange pants that just ruins that uniform.

I want a return of the 90s uniforms.