Lions might be getting new uniforms early

Good! I liked the last uniforms, but hated the helmets. Should have kept the logo as shown here.

I agree the new helmets are good. I'd like them better with only a thin orange stripe. The new away uniforms, no.

The current home uniform is fine. Add the new helmet.

The away creamsicle uniforms still need a whole lot of work and the new ones are still ugly, but at least the new away helmets with the new logo would be better.

Looking at the historic uniforms before the prior change in 2016 according to the following, going back to 2003 the away uniforms looked better to me.

It's hard to see the helmet logo even with a magnifier though.

When the talk switches to uniforms, you know there getting desperate for football.

Indeed - long, long winter here in much of the US too even though not even average this year in terms of precipitation and average cold here in and around Philadelphia PA

New uniforms ? Looks like they just got their old ones back .

It’s just speculation from another chat forum that the uniform images are real and the new era design for the Lions that have been leaked .

If they are I do like them over their one’s they have now especially the helmets and the addition of white trim around the numbers for their home uniforms .
The away one’s now have the same orange as the home .

The pants can make or break this uniform. It needs:

HOME - white pants with black and orange stripes
AWAY - black pants with orange and white stripes

Also, burnt orange (like the Flyers wore in the outdoor game against the Penguins) looks way better…

I liked the new ones. These old ones are dated.

These are fan made. They're not leaks:

The lions should be the first to get new uniforms there kit they ware now arnt bad but I don’t think the home jerseys suits the lions, a modern version of there 60th anniversary jersey they wore in 2011 would be the best bet

Wow I guess they were leaked early by a couple of months .

Glad it wasn’t just a fans drawing .

Like the new helmets and added colour of white in the home uniforms as well as the patch logo on the shoulders .

The difference is the black cages which I like versus orange in this rendering .

Love the helmets. I’m hoping that the uniforms (upper half) will grow on me. If they fly into a great season I’ll love the new look :wink:

Great additions to the Lions’ uniforms but ruined with orange pants.

C’mon. Orange jerseys and orange pants don’t look good together. Plain and simple.

Black pants would have been 10x better!

Yeah, I’ll give ya’ that. The more I look, the more I like the helmets only. Dammit, this means they won’t even make the playoffs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know that not everybody liked the black and burnt orange Halloween look, but I really did. They looked like Orcs (Lord Of The Rings) very menacing. Although, they only “looked” menacing when they were winning.

Alas… I’m just glad the season is nigh!

Sorry, 3 teams with black helmets is too much. The Stampeders finally ditched the black ones. Besides I liked last years’ Lions helmets, especially the away orange helmets. I prefer the lions head with the fading stripes over the BC lion head logo. IMHO they really should’ve went back to the white helmet with black facemasks.

How a wow, how about concentrating on how they play, I don’t think uniforms is really going make them play better, or is it a distraction.?

This is a thread about uniforms, not about team play…you lost? If you don’t like talking about uniforms, don’t post in a thread on that subject. Fans have legitimate concerns on how their team looks, good looking team uniforms are about merchandising which contributes to the teams bottom line, nothing wrong with that.

Oh yah, never thought of sales of merchandise, good point.