Lions may consider using Wildcat formations

Checked out the BC site. An interesting idea listed was the possibility of the Lions using Wildcat formations. Sounds like something a Coach of Wally's skill could or might use especially with so many injuries at q.b.

Do you think we would be or are prepared for it?

I'd say the first time they use it, a big play isn't that unlikely, but after that we will probably be prepared.

I'll quote what I said on that board...

A 'Cat fan here. There's been lots of speculation that the reason we don't see the wildcat in Canada is simply that the limited practice schedule of the teams (only 4.5 hrs. per day) mitigates against introducing it. If it's going to work then it has to be tightly choreographed and few teams have the time.

That said, if you guys DON'T have the time to practice it then please use it by all means. :slight_smile:

Lions will not come out with wildcat ....they have a hard time with regular offensive formations ... That's talk all talk and nothing but talk ..They better figure our how to get rid of the ball quickly and often.. The HEAT will be on full time ,not part time this defense of ours will pressure The lions all day no matter who at the QB position .....

Wally Buono is the winningest Coach of all time for a reason. Anything is possible in my opinion. Having said that I still like the Cats. I have been very impressed with both Coach B's calm and balanced approach and Coach Marshall's schemes. Still a little uneasy on our deep pass coverage. Hoping that Bo Smith plays well and Dylan Barker stays on his game. What a wonderful time to be a Cat fan after a long drought! Go Cats go!!

Andros complaining about practice time for the W.C . formation is a joke , CFL defences are set up to counter full motion, Why would a silly American football trick play set have any effect against 12 man D ,s :roll: Let B.C try it , because all the D Captain has to do is audible from man coverage to zone . LMAO