Lions mauled by superior Riders!


Riders re-established themselves as the team to beat in the Wild West! 8) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
Lions were too busy resting on their laurels from weeks past! :frowning: :frowning: :oops:
Too many weapons on Saskatchewan offence! :rockin: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:
Too few big play players with B.C. offence. :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

All and all, with Sheets back, Riders must be considered the favourites in the West to host the Grey Cup with the home team being the home team!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8)

Riders Rule
Lions Drool (again)
Rider Pride Nation Wide

p.s. why are there more Rider fans at a B.C. Lions game than Lions fans??????

The winning difference is that DD in his head had Sheets to offload to.

Way to go you inconsiderate twit! I wasn’t able to watch the game last night so I pvr’d it was going to watch today. Thanks for giving me the outcome in your thread title!

Your schtick is normally childish and harmless. You’ve now reached true troll status.

Real fans watch it real time.

Had to work last night and get up early this morning. So I'm not a real fan because I didn't skip work to watch a football game? Good luck explaining that one to your boss and keeping your job. :roll:

While I can empathize, don't you think it's kind of silly to be visiting the CFL forums if you haven't watched a game and don't want the outcome spoiled for you? I mean, that is the whole point of these forums, is it not? :stuck_out_tongue:

Really? You expect me to stay up until 3am with a baby in the house to watch the game in real time when technology lets me watch it in the morning instead?

Guess anybody in the Maritimes who wants to watch a game in BC isn’t a β€œreal fan”. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a chance to watch the Argo-Ti Cat game and never had a problem before. Game threads only give the game never a result or any indication of a result. Didn't expect to see something like that in a thread title, but being it was a Rider game I should have expected turkeybend to do something..........

Normally we have a gameday thread that doesn't give away the outcome, so he probably thought it would be safe. Didn't work out this time, unfortunately.

Calling turkeybend a troll is overboard for sure, but I do understand why he's upset.

I don't back off that comment Tridus. He only posts to his childish pro Rider rants to agitate non Rider fans. Not the most disruptive of his kind, but what does his nonsense really contribute?

Nothing, but turkey also doesn't try to set people off.

"Class clown" is a much better fit IMO. Turkey's having harmless fun most of the time. Today's incident is just an unfortunate accident, not an attempt to troll people.

I guess the lesson to be learned when logging onto these forums is:

If you have recorded the game because you were unable to watch it live and do not want to know the outcome until you've seen the game then avoid the forums until you've had a chance to see the game. :thup:

Yeah, no doubt. If I'm looking to be spoiler free on something I stay far away from spots where it can be spoiled, lmao. User error.

Be aware of turkeybend2 - all in good fun with truth, this turkey is the second turkey to go Up Around the Bend :rockin:

Rider Pride....cheers :slight_smile:

Oh Boo Hoo!!! :roll: :roll: :roll: You are trying to blame turkey for you idiotic mistake? Watch the game first, THEN come to the forum... or how about giving me your work number so I can call you with the results! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I have games from 2008 I still haven’t watched, so hush…

Just a suggestion for you DC. I PVR lots of football, especially the early NFL games on Sundays. If I really want to watch the game without knowing the score I go as far as purposely turning off my cell phone and leaving it at home while I am out. I certainly would avoid the official website until I can finish watching the game. If it were a Rider game and I'm PVRing it, I avoid turning on the radio to not accidently hear the score.

Exactly, it is like blaming the paper for publishing the scorecard. Don't want to know the results, don't come to the forums until you have watched it.


Gosh D.C. if I had only known you were taping the game, well, next time go on the site and tell all of us not to comment until you watch the replay of the game. By the way, the definition of twit in my dictionary says: a deranged British Columbia Lions football fan who is anal enough to believe that the world should stop, pause, until the orange and black pussycats self-destruct in front of their own fans (well- less than half of the fans because there were more Rider fans attending than lions fans) and that the world not tell anyone what happened until all who taped the game can watch the inevitable self-destruction. :roll:
Just heard the new Lions fight song revised and sung by Michael Bubble. :
---C'mon and Whine you Lions whine
it happens when its autumn time
by the mountains and the sea
B.C. becomes w-i-m-p-y!
Whine , Whine
So buckle down to blow the games
Wally's excuses will be lame
We love the w, the h, the i-n-e
C'mon and Whine you Lions Whine!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide

Yup. I avoid these forums.... and the newspaper.... and news radio stations.... until I get the chance to watch. Sorry, but I really do think that coming onto any sports site when you haven't seen the game yet is asking for trouble. I mean, I simple thread title like, "Lions robbed (or something like that, insert any team name)" would give it away. So might a thread title about changing playoff odds

I get the frustration, but I've forgotten to take care in the past, myself. I always figured that it was my fault.