Lions making moves...

It's about time!

Hopefully we go back to a 4-3 defense with the addition of Armour as we can not stop the run right now!

The Armour signing is a good one, but the AJ Harris signing has me scratching my head. If they wanted another running back, why didn't they just keep Ebell? It's not like he wasn't producing. Strange...

I think Wally has been a couple sandwiches short of a picnic so far this year… Smart has sucked, Ebell was a much better returner, now Harris to compete with Mallett, our only offensive producer thus far???

Couldn’t agree more Chief!

Mallet is our new RB. He's done pretty well and why switch it up, he's the only good consistant thing we have going.
We desperately need Armour's help. Lets hope he can deliver!

Signing Armour would make one think the Lions are going back to a 4-3-5 base defence, instead of the weird 4-2-6 base set being used so far this season.

But if that's the case, which player in the secondary gets to sit? Basically Toney took Korey Banks' spot and Banks was used as a second safety/sometime LB/wildcard in the whole thing. . . but who sits if Armour plays?

Well, first off, you'll need to figure out who is going to play that SAM spot, as both Armour and Glatt are MLB's. There are a lot more cover duties at SAM than at MAC, which is why players like Banks and Kornegay in Sask got moved there.

...Glatt is too small for middle linebacker.....Armour will give them a little more up-front.....not a bad move...Harris is a good back....guess Wally knows he's seen the last of Logan....Smart is apparently in Buonos dog house and is bringing in Harris is also a good move...They had to make some moves or they would be staring 1-5 in the face...and that won't go down in lotus land :wink:

are you sure Armour is a MLB? not sure where he played in Calgary but im pretty sure he played Weak-Side in Hamilton.

He did but he was in the middle for Calgary; not sure where he was when he was in BC, but it wasn't the middle because Simpson was there.

One has to think that Wally thinks AJ Harris is better than Tyler Ebell, otherwise they'd bring back Ebell with Ian Smart hurting/ineffective.

Thank god Juan Armour is back in the den. Just heard him interviewed on the TEAM 1040 and when asked where he will be playing and he let it slip that he will be playing MLB. All I can say is Wally has finally seen the light and has realized that Glatt has no bussiness in the middle, can't stop the run. Maybe the Leo's will give up on that 4-2-6 experiment and go with a more traditional 4-3-5 and give Banks his spot back beside Marsh.

Ageed…cutting Ebell for Harris was strange!

I wouldn't say cutting Ebell for AJ Harris is strange. I believe both Ebell and Harris were members of the 2007 Edmonton Eskimos. Ebell was traded to Toronto in the offseason prior to the 2008 season and the Eskimos kept AJ Harris. Harris was released this past April after they'd signed Jesse Lumsden. The point being that both Edmonton and Wally Buono think that AJ Harris is a better player than Ebell.

If that's the case, then why did Wally even bother signing Ebell in the first place? Why didn't he just sign AJ Harris? Harris was free.

The only reason I can come up with is that Ebell was atleast in the Argos training camp, I don't believe AJ Harris was at any CFL training camp.

Ebell is also good at punt and kick-off returns not sure though if Harris was doing that in Edmonton. Smart is now gone for the Season.
maybe Mallet will run back kicks and alternate with Harris in the Backfield .

I don't think AJ Harris did any punt return or kick return work in Edmonton. He didn't get into the game last night against Saskatchewan as Mallett got all of the running back work, and was pretty good, although Sask is 7th in run defence.

If last nights game is any indication, Mallett is not going to be returning kicks and it will be Grice-Mullen's job for the most part. Grice-Mullen was good last night, 29 yard average on kick returns and over 10 yards on punt returns. Although one thing that worries me is that Grice-Mullen seems to dance around when returning kicks, I'm just waiting for him to take a big hit while dancing around and cough up the ball.

My preference for any team is to have their #1 running back exclusively doing running back duties and not mixing in the kick return game. I also prefer to have a kick return specialist, so the way the Lions were playing last night is how I like it, no guy doing double duty.