Lions luck runs out

The second half of the season won't be as kind to the Lions, and they will probably lose three or four more games. The reason, the rest of the league is finally catching up. The Lions hit the ground running this season, fielding basically the same team as the one that won the west last year. The rest of the west had new players in key positions, which means there's a period of adjustment before you start playing well.
The Lions have won a number of their games up until now by very narrow margins, and thanks to bonehead decisions (Don Matthews). Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatchewan are starting to hit their stride, which means the LIons need to play better football. Last night was a good wake up call for them.

It was not luck that ran out. Lions will keep winning.

It was a lot of skill. Go Lions!!! Thellwell is healthy!!

For years, BC usually play worse in second half of the season. This time, a tougher schedule and injuries are bigger factors than other teams catching up. Actually, BC has 6-8 new players and BC still hasn't played its best this season. No doubt BC will win more games. Losing just 2-4 games all season would be excellent for most division leaders.

Every team win and lose close games. Every team has won games which should have been losses. Every team has lost games which should have been wins. Fans that claim BC is overrated and discount BC accomplishments are also demeaning all other teams below BC. Hard to believe 8 other teams are fair or poor.

skill is there yes, but luck has been alot to do with the lions lately. Haven't u seen how they barely beat the riders and the al's. U think skill would have u fighting that hard. Ummm no. Skill would have a nice lead. The lions are gettin to cocky, and can barely play a full 60 minstes. The loss was enevitable, and I think more are to come, they still got the riders esks and al's

the leos rarely played 60 minutes, but than, other teams never played 60 minutes, so it wasn't luck that the leos won, but skill.