Lions lose Western Semi-final but played well

I have to tip my hat to Darian Durant and the Riders, for getting it done in the second half an overtime, against a tough, resilient BC team who never quit even during the dark days of a 1 and 7 start.

Although this playoff loss is a tough one to swallow, we Lions fans have a great deal to look forward to for next year. Lulay has been better and better each week and our defence and special teams were excellent all year.

If we can keep this group together for another year or two we could have a championship caliber football team again on the wet coast. Kudos to Buono, the other coaches and Roy Shivers for finding many players to help turn our year around and give some hope to lions fans all across the province.

I'll see all you Lions Forum regulars in 2011!

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Yep, cant wait for Lulay. And our defense... is AMAZING. What a turn around. Best football game ive ever seen.

Our D didn't hold when it needed to and 2 turnovers were huge. Yeah the Lions played great and it was an epic game but it still sucks.
If nothing else, we know for sure we have a solid starting QB finally.

One of the very best games I've seen in a long time! Arceneaux was sensational and Lulay has established himself as a QB to be reckoned with.

I was not disappointed with the Roughriders coming out on top on this one. The game was not decided by a controversial ref call and both teams had equally opportunities to take the victory. Kudoes to the Roughriders for pulling it off. I'm excited for the Lions successfully turning the season around the way they did. There's much to look forward to next year. I think they've got a legitimate crack at being in the 2011 Grey Cup which will be hosted in Vancouver next year.

Clermont was my wife's favorite player [and mine] when he was a Lion. Seeing Jason get the winning TD took the edge off losing for us. I'm happy for the guy.

Well done Lions/Roughriders for giving the fans a most entertaining and enjoyable football game to watch.

One of best playoff games i've seen in a long time. Both teams left everything on the field. Nothing to the Lions to be ashamed off.

I'm going to start by saying that I am a Riders fan.

Now I'm going to say that Lulay is the Real Deal. And so is that Lions secondary.

Next year's West division will look nothing like this year's. I don't think we will see two teams at the top, able to coast, and two teams struggling, and needing to fight and claw to avoid a crossover. I think we will see four pretty evenly matched teams in a pretty intense battle, and the final two weeks could easily see any one of the four teams in first, and any one of the four teams heading east in a crossover.

The way the Lions (and Esks) finished the season, I see next year being a dogfight to the end.

Well done Lions...this season saw what I think is one of the greatest comebacks that I can remember.

Are you sure. Looks like a "Lion" dressed up in a watermelon hat. Could it be a TiCat? Very confusing :wink:

Agree, look forward to a very competitive conference next year. Esky's will be the wild card in how good they are though.

Lulay seems to be the real deal and has great potential, but lets cut him some slack. He will probably have a few bad games next year, so lets not expect miracles from him all the time. Lets not forget how great Printers was and then fell from grace! I realize Lulay and Printers are two different animals, but in the end, Lulay has the better head, so he should succeed farther than Printers did.
As for the defence, over all pretty good, but some players (Crawford, Phillips) need more practice tackling. By the way, Clermont would never have gotten that touchdown if Hyland would have wrapped him up properly. Don't get me wrong, Hyland is a good one and that is one of the few mistakes that I have seen him make.
The defense just seemed to run out of gas, especially in overtime.
I am looking forward to next year and expect the Lions to do better!

This is off topic, but a tip of the hat to the lions fans who participate here at Whether you like the Riders or not. I thought I'd check out the Stamps forum and they have not had one new post in 8 days!! That one didn't get a single response? Really no activity since their last game. kinda shocking even if most of their fans use an alternate site. Surely someone in the calgary checks it out.

Look forward to some friendly smack with you guys next year! :smiley:

Agreed, thanks man :slight_smile: