Lions lose second straight Western Final in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG — The BC Lions came up short of the high standards they have for themselves.

BC’s season came to an end with a 24-13 loss to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers at IG Field in the Western Final for the second consecutive year as the team was unable to overcome a stellar defensive performance by the home team.

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Deer in the headlights showed up

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They will never get any further with Vernon Adams - Mr. Undependable

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VA’s like the Sedins. They were sensational and great people but they could never win a Stanley Cup. Ever. VA will never win a Grey Cup. He just doesn’t have it in him. And without a better O line, the Lions will never win the big ones with VA.

I don’t get using VA as the scapegoat. WPG was better at pretty much every position, this was a complete game win. Takes a united team to routinely win in the playoffs, and BC had many holes.


Not a scapegoat. Bombers are the better team and deserved the win. But VA holds the ball too long and tries too hard trying to extend plays that have no hope. It makes him Int. and sack prone. He has to improve on that to win big.

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