Lions lose Lumbala to NFL


TSN says he went to the Dolphins. Man, Miami really likes our players, eh? :lol:

thanks cheif, my computers down and am having a helluva time trying to do this on my ps3 lol

Not a problem. :wink:

Bit of an interesting pick up. I definitely didn't think the Lions would have to worry about him being picked up. Not that he's a bad athlete... he just didn't seem to stand out that much, in my opinion.

I pretty much agree with what you wrote. The fullback position isn’t one that gets much headlines or praise. If I’m not mistaken he’s also Canadian.

Isn't it illegal for the NFL to have Canadians on their rosters? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lumbala was not skilled enough to play on offence in the CFL. He would likely of lost his backup job to Jamal Lee this season anyways. Perhaps the Dolphins plan to groom him for the punt coverage teams or as a blocking back? But he's a real crummy blocker, can't catch and hasn't enough rushing power to gain 1 yd in the CFL. I think he should consider "renting" in Miami... :wink:

I wish the man luck......STOP THE PLAYA HATING...Americans dont care where folks are from....

I agree Chief, a bit of a head scratcher. Oh well Miami sees something in him that I don't see. As Xvys pointed out, I think Jamal Lee would have taken his spot this season.