Lions Lose 2 In A Row!

Well, I've got to say CONGRATS to the Riders. They came into the Lions Den and left with win. Full credit to the Riders for a good game. Riders came up with plays when needed. All in all, I thought it was a pretty well played game by both teams and another close game, right down to the wire as usual between the Riders and Lions.

With that being said, I'm not too worried that the Lions have lost 2 in a row. Sure they're will be critics that say the Lions are choking down the stretch but the Lions were beat by 2 good teams in the Esks and Riders. It was bound to happen. I have the confidence in the Lions to bounce back.

I am a little concerned about teh Lions field goal kicking though. When Lions were 11-0, they scored enough points so the FG kicking wasn't a factor but coming down the stretch, O'Mahoney better get it together. This may sound funny but I still believe in O'Mahoney. It's his 2nd season FG kicking and he has proven that he can hit the clutch FG as well. So he's been consistent but it doesn't help when he gets on the field and everyone boos him.

That was such a good game. I almost had a heart attack near the end. Right when they snapped the ball for the game tying field goal. I could tell it was going to be blocked. The kicker kind of hesitated and there was 3 linemen on one side and only 2 blockers. Good Game Leos

Lionbacker I think you should be more concerned with your O-line..... 2 Top Guns out with injuries and now throwing a rookie into the fire....How much more pounding can your QB's take?

exactly right, fix that O-line and the QB’s would be alright. QB’s just can’t take that many bullrush’s and survive.

Too bad, so sad.

Like I said a few weeks would be good for the Lions to get the crap over with before the playoffs...lose a few to snap them into reality. Looks like the kicking game cost them the game....9 missed points out of 4 tries and a failed 2 point convert. Would have been 29-28 Lions (single instead of 2 point on the TD convert)

thats a falacy that it would be 29-28. you can blame o'mahoney for missing kicks. but you can't say that that would have been the final score. Remember the Riders had the ball with 130 left and ran it twice in a row. They would not have done that if they were down.

NOT even close to the time to panick.....they are still the best team in the CFL.

SASK........are a very good team still , when most are healthy.

Excellent game last night. 18 games is a long season. D.D. , should be back long before the play offs and with all of those wins under their belt.......they should still get 1st in , the WEST.

However , I highly question WALLY'S choice to have that inexperienced kicker , kick the FG that could have tied the game.........WTF?

Even though their 1st string kicker was having an OFF night , this was a chance for him to redeem himself , and all that has happened was that 2 B.C. kickers have lost their confidence.OH ,WELL.

It seems lik that rookie kicker did the same thing that Hayden Epstein did in the edm vs. sask game a few weeks back. After the ball was snapped, they both hesitated for just a split second. Not only that, but i give credit to the riders for their ability to block kicks. I think teams should watch out for this from now on when kicking field goals vs. sask.

Yes I noticed the hesitation too esks123, poor guy …what a horrible pressure situation to be put into…
remember… I think it was last year… Boreham missed like 3 or 4 field goals and when hamilton put in him position to win the game with a field goal on the last play of the game…he redeemed himself…I felt Omahoney should have been given the same opportunity, although it would be for the TIE and overtime.

Congrats to the Riders....You guys beat us by exploiting our weaknesses.

Besides kicking (or lack of) Field goals, our O-line still causes me to worry. One stat that doesn't show up with the sack total is knockdowns or rushes. Dickenson and Pierce got clobbered a few times just after releasing the ball.

Sorta like having a rookie QB in there with all those Defensive linemen in the QB’s face.

I feel sorry for O'Mahony, the guy who single-handed got the Lions to the cup last year with 2 clutch field goals under pressure from long distance, is now getting booed off the field and was denied the chance to tie vs Riders. Like I said in another thread, this Lions team is heading downhill fast. Make or break game vs Winnipeg here. The Lions can still finish third if they lose everything from here on, or second if they only win one more game.

O'Mahoney Struggled in Calgary with Field Goals..... Wednesday will tell, whether there is a new kicker in town!

Unreal has point, how quick Lions fans forget about the clutch FG O'Mahoney made in the West Final. I know the attitude is "What have you done for me lately?" but Sat. game was a regular season game and kickers have off nights. O'Mahoney should have had the chance to kick the game tying FG. The Lions are 11-2 and were beat by 2 good teams. There is nothing wrong with that. Lions fans already said they weren't expecting the Lions to go undefeated so quit panicking. I still have faith in the Lions and it's not quit time to hit the panic button yet.

What is the record for block kicks? Anybody knows? I think Barron Miles blocked nine of them in his career. Is that a CFL high?

What are some lion fans already jumping off the bandwagon? :smiley:

Don't forget it was 2 clutch FGs. The Lions tied the game on the last play of the game witha long FG from O'Mahoney. If he shanks that one wide, there is no OT even and Riders win.