Lions looking to take the next step with FA additions

The BC Lions have decided to head down a road no CFL team has travelled for a long time.

In signing free agent Michael O’Connor as a backup to Nathan Rourke, the Lions will be the first Canadian Football League team in over 60 years to have two Canadians at quarterback.

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“The thing I like about Michael O’Connor . . . he’s had really good coaching in Calgary and Toronto "
Yup I believe that all the Teams believe in the coaching Calgary gives their players. It explains why they come after the Calgary players so anxiously in the Free Agency!

So disappointed Lions are once again going with a losing O-line. Godber is especially galling, considering he was the culprit of so many big gain plays being called back. So, for 2022 the Lions will have virtually the same crappy line they had in 2019 and 2021. The only hope Rourke and the Lions have to win any games is if Matthews is healthy but his history shows that he has been out entire seasons with injuries throughout his career so not much hope there.

Long year for the Leo’s

Come on, never say die!!

The Lions just might surprise this year and yes in a good way

Yes, they have the potential to do well if they are coached better then they were last year! Remains to be seen.