LIONS lookin'....


Not really, they got one offensive TD...Pierce rushing, and one Defensive TD where Johnson stripped the ball from Quinn. While this isn't bad, considering how often the Leos were in the red zone...the score should have been 56 to 3. They settled for field goals way too often.

Gotta give Buck Pierce credit for playing as well as he did. More points would have been nice but hey he's on a learning curve right now. The Lions QB position looks pretty good at the moment. Hopefully they'll play this well in October/November.

buck got the job done, got us the win...players always adjust to a new guy throwing...if dave goes out again, i think buck will be much better and be able to finish off passes and plays!!!

That's all true. That's why I said they aren't doing "just fine". They have work to do, and have a lot of room to improve. Buck did a good job, but needs more experience before he becomes a great QB.

What I will say is this, Buck has the potential to be a great QB, he just needs to get the experience. He has the size, speed, and toughness to be one of the greatest QB's in CFL history, IMO...maybe even another Warren Moon.