Lions look decent in Pre-Season

The Lions look better than I would have thought, even though it’s still pre-season. To not allow any TD’s to be scored on them is top notch not to mention those awesome hits in the rider game…sweeeet!

Lulay looks good, Mike had a good game against the riders and good to hear JJ is healthy. Maybe this is the year we don’t have to worry about QB’s?

I don’t see a 2010 type start this year so maybe they can cruz into a playoff spot?? The Grey Cup is in Van this year and it would be nice to see them in this one.

Go Lions!!

its in the bag - put all your money on the Lions.

Anyone hear the attendance at the game yesterday?

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Empire Field attendance: 18,742

Reilly looked great out there! Our O-line didn't even give me a single heart attack either! I know its just preseason but it sure did look good.

That's the key to this season indeed. If that group steps up this team has got the talent to get a home playoff game (or two).

I'm a little concerned with the D-line too though.

Pre-season or not I was quite impressed with what the Lions were able to do. Just how good they are of course will depend on playing against the opposition's starters during regular season play. Of all teams to open the season with- my oh my!

I watched how Tim Brown ran. This guy really knows when and how to accelerate. He definitely reminds me of Yonus Davis who I was very much looking forward to watching.

Lulay is looking as confident as ever and with Jarious Jackson backing him up that will make a great combination. Reilly looked promising too.

Several players were showing that they were very hungry to win a spot on the team's roster. That was great to see!

Well, I'm finally weighing-in after a bit of a hiatus. Like what I see thus far - Lulay, Hyland, Brown, and a couple of the new receivers.. Question: Did QB Reilly make the final cut? I hope so; he looks like a good back-u to Travis. Re: Jarious - Is it just me, or does he looks totally out of sync. I wonder if his days are numbered(?). Glad they kept McCallum over Whyte. He may be old, but he still has it; and I'm sure the decision was in view of playing at the Grey Cup this year. Vancouver needs the Lions to be in the final this year - especially after the Canucks implosion. The Stadium looks amazing. I don't think anyone realizes how much BETTER it will be inside - Score Board / Replay, New Lights, New Sounds System. Question: Are they also putting new turf down? If they are, hope they give their old turf to Abbotsford; the old Rotary's feild is a little worse for wear these days.
Know it would never happen, but wish they could also establish a caged-in section for those who come out for no other reason than to drink. The endless getting up and down and putting up with F-this, F-that and obnoxious behavior is so counterproductive to drawing out families. It's why I've held off on seasons this year - need to see if it improves.

Reilly: pegged as the #3 QB.

McCallum: After last year's performance McCallum certainly looks like he's still got it but who steps in if he gets injured?

New revamped B.C. Place: my wife and I are both really looking forward to seeing the stadium and watching the games. First live Grey Cup game too! It will be extra sweet if the Lions are in.

New turf: I searched and searched and still couldn't find anything. I may call PR at Lions office.

Cage for the drunken yahoos: I'm in total agreement with you on that PastaSteve. Personally I would like to see alcohol sales banned but it's a money maker and it will never happen. Unfortunately it only takes a handful of A- holes to ruin it for everyone else around them.

F-Bomb: text or use your cell phone. It works wonders. We've done it in other parts of the stadium. You are entitled to enjoy the game like anyone else. Fortunately we have "civilized" fans around us in our section and don't have that problem- not yet anyways.

The bright spots this year:

  • O-line (never thought I'd be saying that! :lol:): Twin towers in Olafioye and Archibald, and great depth at Guard. Center a little under-sized, but Angus makes up for it in smarts. I need to see better run blocking though.

  • Linebacker: Wow. Elimimium, Leonard, McKenzie, Yurichuk, Henderson, Gesse, Banks (nickel)....that's a lot of speed and talent! And watch for PR player Adam Bighill - he's a 'throwback' linebacker (literally!). :lol:

  • Quarterback - while Lulay may not (yet/ever) be the best in the league, I'll put our trio of Lulay, Jackson, and Reilly against any in the league.

The potential trouble spots this year:

  • Receiver: I know you can't put "Geroy" and "potential trouble spots" in the same sentence, BUT aside from him....

Thankfully Canadians Gore, Foster, and Ianuzzi all had a stellar camp. But they still don't have a pro catch among them in the real season so we'll need them to pick up where they left off when the bullets fly for real. P-Jack's knee a concern. Peterson a good acquisition but can his problem achilles hold up? Collins and Moore did 'wow' me in preseason. In short, everything could work out great but there are a lot of question marks.

  • Punting: Not sure if Paul has a 40 yard average in him anymore. While his field goal kicking is stellar, kick-offs to the 20 yard line won't cut it. Wonder if we'll see O'Neill inserted into some games to handle 1 or 2 kicking chores?

Running back Robertson solid, if unspectacular, but the exciting Harris and Brown should get some touches.

Should be a great year boys! Can't wait for Thursday.....

Yeah orange, I'm with ya. I think the team will be solid, save for those two areas. For me, the receiving core is my biggest worry because with PJ on the mend and Arceneaux gone, it's kinda suspect. Collins looked pretty bad in the Calgary game, but turned it around in the Sask game, so hopefully he'll do better. But I agree, the young Canadian talent there is definitely promising.

As for the punting game, I actually thought the Lions were going to have O'Neill handle the punting as he is eased into the placekicking position. Since the team has put him on the 9-game injured list, I guess not. In any case, I'm definitely looking forward to the regular season and maybe a better start this time around. :thup:

"kick-offs to the 20 yard line won't cut it.

I couldn't agree more!

Looks like a stacked, deep, veteran Lion team for 2011 with a few rookies making a starting spots, just in time for the Grey Cup in BC Place in November. Tomorrow night's game in Montreal will be their first test with real bullets flying.

New offensive players will start, add depth or provide new looks to the opposition at a variety of positions: Receivers Kamau Peterson, Dobson Collins, Marco Ianuzzi will patrol the outside and 2010 Lineman of the Year Ben Archibald is a major upgrade at left tackle. I still can't believe Calgary would let him go just over money, but that is the reality with the low CFL salary cap.

We'll see new inside linebacker Adam Bighill, Eric Taylor should be a stud at noseguard/tackle and second year non-import Jason Arakgi will get his first start atthe DB spots and is yet another BIG hitter in the Lions' defence, along with standout linebacker Solomon Elimimian, Adam Leonard, Anthony Reddick and Davis Sanchez. Aaron Hunt will move outside to end with Keron Williams and veteran Brent johnson provides veteran depth. Big kalif Mitchell provide depth and size at noesguard.

Mike Brown has the potential to make us quickly forget kick returner/running back/ecxtasy dealer Yonus Davis, who will soon be picking up the slippery soap in the California penal system. 41 year-old Paul McCallum is in the best shape in recent memory and will be mentoring a new backup kicker with Sean Whyte now in La Belle Province. Second year linebacker James Yurichuck is an animal on special teams and should see more snaps on defence. Dan McCullough will return as long snapper and I expect either Jarious Jackson or Mike Reilly as holder on place kicks.

In my opinion no CFL team has done more to add star starters and increase skill and depth. Kudos to Mr. Braley, Coach Buono, Coach Benevides, the other coaches and CFL player development icon Roy Shivers for a great job in the offseason.

Can't wait until tomorrow. By the way, the NFL channel is replaying the game at 7:00 P M for those who can't get home in time for a 5 PM locsl start.


-Douger in Surrey :cowboy:

So much for preseason hey? The real season starts and we see the difference between men and boys.