Lions lock down second in West Division with win over Elks

An impressive performance from running back James Butler fuelled the BC Lions offence en route to a 31-14 win over the Edmonton Elks at Commonwealth Stadium on Friday night.

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No surprise there...

I think Chris Jones confuses the term execution in football. Most of the Elk Games are public executions.
Chris Jones should coach Winnipeg. That gives parity in the West as his presence is good for at least 14 points to his opposing teams.

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the Lions destroyed the Elks at the line of scrimmage.

So just for a little fun. Will they have to open up the upper bowl because of the demand for tickets?
Being the optimist I am when it comes to the Lions I say yes.


Let's be super optimistic & hope they not only open the upper deck but fill it. Unlikely, I know, but we can dream.