Lions lean on Butler, defence in win over Elks

With second place in the West Division and a home playoff game on the line Friday night, the BC Lions showed up on both sides of the football to down the Edmonton Elks 31-14.

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Lions feast on Elk again, tasty stuff. VAs numbers still aren't impressive but leaning on a run game that's ripping up an EE defense will do that. Tre Ford still has a long way to go to be starter material in my books, but the promise is definitely there. It wraps up another dismal year for the Elk who are in danger of becoming perennial patsies, 2017 was their last winning season. I dread to think what will happen if they don't show significant progress next year


As an outsider to both teams I certainly agree with the feasting on Elks part. The Bombers did that their last game as well in what some on here called an execution.

I just don’t see any future with the current roster in Edmonton. Jones so poorly managed and coached the team all year that there was no opportunity to even become a team. Perhaps he has half a dozen players that will be of use going forward or one quarter of the starters he needs, with absolutely no guarantees at QB or even a likelihood of success any time soon. What a disaster. The complaining Saskatchewan fans can take solace in the fact that they have far better parts to build on than Edmonton does, including a better QB, although they just essentially let him go.

As for your Lions, whom I like a lot and wish to see in Winnipeg on the 13th, all I can say is that you better hope Rourke is well enough to play at a high level. Adams and his 138 yards against Winnipeg’s B team ain’t going to get it done against Calgary I am afraid.

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I agree, and that's the scary part. A full season later & nothing seems to have progressed. How long is this 'training camp' going to last?

"Adams and his 138 yards against Winnipeg’s B team ain’t going to get it done against Calgary I am afraid."

VA looked better but it's been Williams & Butler who have won the last 2 games for us. You're right in saying that probably won't get us past Cal. If he doesn't up his game we're done. Rourke could indeed save the day, but it would be nice not to have to rely on that.

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I sure hope that Rourke is able to play at a high level against Calgary. Even if he is only 3/4 that should be better than Adams. I understand that he will be playing at least some in next week’s full garbage time game in Winnipeg. I guess we’ll see how he holds up.

I was also wondering what’s up with O’Connor? As a BC fan maybe you could shed some light. He appeared to be their choice to replace Rourke but apparently suffered a bit of a mystery injury and hasn’t played since. I assume that whatever injury he had resolved itself some time ago. Should Rourke not be able to go and Adams remain largely ineffective, it would seem that O’Connor isn’t a viable option given his lack of playing time. Do you think that coaching and management has lost confidence in him?

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i have thoughts on O'Conner

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As a BC fan I have no freaking clue. Does anyone outside the locker room? I'm using the word 'enigma' to describe the situation. It's like he's invisible.

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i am pretty convinced that O'Connor is a serviceable backup and nothing more.

I'd like to actually see this invisible man before I can make an assessment like that.

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he's played for other teams. he has seen action with the argos. he was excellent with the UBC thunderbirds and won MVP and vanier cup with them. i've watched him as much as possible and his throwing mechanics and decision making seem slow for the professional game. also that fact that the stamps didn't extend him after 2021 tells me that he was low on their QB depth chart, and Hufnagel and Dickenson know how to develop young QBs.

don't get me wrong - i like O'Conner and i hope he does get playing time and develops into a starter. but i think it's unrealistic given other talent in the league. good canadian QBs are hard to come by and the league should be jumping on any marketing chance with them.

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Rust & lack of reps could be the fault there. Campbell doesn't seem to be making any effort to give him any. His star is fading fast it seems.

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I have seen so little of him so next time he plays, if there is a next time, I will have a look at his mechanics.

Look very forward to Week 21 and the return of Nathan Rourke and the Lions versus the 2 time defending champions at home in the Peg. :bangbang:

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