Lions kissed away first place tonight for good

lions blew it, 35,000 there tonight and they blew it. maybe second place if they are lucky, but i could not see anymore than 35,000 for that game either what a joke.

if they were to finish first probebly sold out.

Five wins in a row. We lose one and all of a sudden the Leos are finished. I'm tired of reading this crap. The West division is the most competitive it's been in years. All four teams are pretty much on par with each other. Isn,t this what makes the C.F.L so exiting? Unlike the N.F.L where people just watch to see how many points the favourite is going to win by, in our league anybody can beat another on any given day.(sorry for the cliche). Sask. vs Cal on Monday and a B.C. vs Edm rematch next week. Does it get any better than that? Please just try and enjoy what we have. Happy Thanksgiving!

35000 for a playoff game? Dupsdell is there a brain in your head? Every doom and gloom attendance prediction from you has been wrong. Shut up already, saying 35k for a playoff game shows that you know nothing about the topic you so love to spout off about- attendance! smarten up

really hate to agree with anone who cheers for the lions but ....he's right ..what an exciting year for the western teams

it really is up for grabs this year any one of the 4 western teams could advance to the cup

the al's will be tough to beat in the cup this year

hopefully the esks will make it there & beat them again .as we all know they are the only team that can beat them ha ha ha ha ha ha

go esks :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :thup: :thup:

Yeah they lost, big deal. Im enjoying the race. Every team gets a WAKE up call once in while. They lost bad. Kicked up and down the feild. They didnt respond to adversity well either. A week to forget for real but its fun either way, it only hurts for a bit.

All Dupsdell does is complain. Hmmm, maybe he should go and cheer for his Sea Hawks…Oh, what are their record? :roll: :roll:

Dupsells attendance Ulcer always gets him doom and gloom. Wait till Toronto comes, I can see the thread already. “30,000 for Toronto game. Maple Leafs would draw more at Canucks game” :roll: :roll: :roll:

I wish I could predict 649 numbers like attendance threads showing up every week. Funny thing, none of the other 7 team forums are flooded with attendance threads. :roll: :roll:

Lions still have a chance just like everybody else in the west, although Calgary has the easier end of the season. Till they play B.C., that’s when everything will be decided.

Wow , All four teams making the playoffs and are evenly matched. You really can't ask for a better finish this year in the CFL West. .If the LIONS LOSE FIRST PLACE SO WHAT? How many teams that finish first wins the Grey Cup on a consistent basis and and any of the four teams could come on top without finishing in top spot. Did you ever think of that Dupsdell? Didn't think so!
Are you going to ask for Wally head again ,if they don't finish first?

looks like winnipeg is losing badley against calgary, if bc would have one that game aginst montreal they would not be in this situation, so know bc ends up second and would have to play a very tough calgary team were they will not be beaten at home, the lions are now looking back saying they only should have.

i predict bc will end up second win at home and lose the wf to calgary.

what a joke.

The joke is that you THINK YOU know that B.C IS LOOKING BACK and saying we should had that one?? So every team is thinking they should of had a team somewhere, You think B.C is the only team??? Look at Sask after going 6-0 to start the season. Edm missed that last field goal to take the season series from the Lions.Toronto maybe second guessing if they fired the coach at the wrong time. Do you really think any team is going to look back and say we should have beaten that team in week 2.
You are so possitive Dupsdell its unbelieveable. The playoffs haven't even started yet and already you know that Bc will end their season in the WF. Again how many times have we got to tell you that finishing first doesn't mean squak anymore. If that was the case then B.C should have been to the Grey Cup four years in a row.
Its quite obvious that you haven't learn anything about the past. Who finished first in '94 and 2000 Dupsdell???? OHH thats right Calgary did,and who ended up with the GREY CUP??? Ummm I know it wasn't Calgary, Its was some team called the LIONS!!!!!!! Im not saying its going to happen this year ,BUT ANY TEAM AND EVERY TEAM IS BEATABLE HOME OR AWAY dUPSDELL.
Regular season means nothing , and sometimes playing every week give that team the advantage and they tend to stay sharpe, while a first place team rest for a week and may not be as shape as if they played the week before.
So here is my prediction, IF the lions goes to the grey cup , dupsdell will be the first one to jump back on the bangwagon, and your going to say i knew they could do it!!!!!!

Dupsdell is upset because he might not have a home game to flood the forum with Attendance threads..... :roll: :roll:

You know what, the BC Forum is the only forum where we get a weekly diet of attendance threads. :roll: :roll: