Lions keeping open mind on which radio station serves them b

Lions keeping open mind on which radio station serves them best
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I think it is a mistake if they leave 1040.

The move to TEAM 1040 Jr. (Team 1410) is a slap in the face to everyone involved with the British Columbia Lions (fans included). There was/is absolutely NO need for this switch. Conflict with Canuck games happens a couple of times (maybe) a season.....would hate to see how these so called "sports directors" at these stations would cope if they were operating in a sporting landscape like New York or L.A. . Their heads would probably explode! The season hasn't even begun and already, the radio coverage is all over the map.....heard today that when training camp opens, some days 1040 will be filing reports while other days 1410 will be doing them. Hardly good for developing a market. This is the kind of crap was the reason why the Lions left CKNW in the first its happening all over again.... :x :x

Aren't all CHUM decisions made from a Toronto highrise - penthouse suite? What do you expect?

This why Our Presedent is looking into finding a station that is consistent. and that people will listen to, also i heard the vancouver whitecapes will be at 1410 too mls season next year . if the lions are going to 1410 that is fine but stay there do not bounce back and forth.

would Rick ball still be doing the Lions play by play if they move to 1410?

I doudt it he is going to be full time with the canucks in the future.

I think then the move to 1410 would be a bad one . Rick does a bang up job for the Lions not sure if anyone else in this market is capable of doing it.

i AGREE The Bc Lions can not jump around from radio station to radio station, they have to establish them selves there.

there is nothing wrong with staying at 1410, they still get a lot of coverage on 1040 , and a lot of the 1040 broadcasters are fans of this team, that helps a lot, were say they went back to nw98 could you hoenstly see Dan Russel doing a 2 hour post game show ? ( like he does for the canucks ) in my dreams maybe. unlless he gets fired and somebody like Don Taylor does it. who is a fan.

Nice rant EVM and I agree. It's laughable an "all-sports station" can't handle two properties that barely overlap. The late great Bob Ackles would have went ballistic if he was still in the president's chair. Glad to hear Skulsky is considering a change.

The TEAM's Lions coverage has gone steady down hill since Rick Dhaliwal's departure.

The Lions coverage has gone down only because most listeners are only interested in the Canucks . lets see what happens after the Hockey is over and the Football Pre season starts. But people will talk Canucks 24/7/ 365 , Heck Dan Russell made a career out of it.

Yes, same parent company.

I can't see why everyone is getting their Knickers in a knot. At least we know where to find it. Both stations belong to the same parent company. 1040, 1410, who cares, I have both of those plus CKNW programed into my car when I am down on the Lower mainland. Plus I get feeds here in the interior on the NL radio group.

Finding it on the dial isn't the problem. Its where the product is placed in the pecking order of the parent company. Putting the Lions on "Team 1040 Jr." puts out the image of the Lions being a lesser brand than other sports. This was the number one pet peeve with the late Bobby Ackles and the reason for his; you could almost say hatred of CKNW. Now its happening all over again.

Again whats the difference between 1410 and 1040? You push a button and you get the play by play. If its advertised on one of them and you know where to find it why all the concern? Why is it considered second class? You guys are making more out of it than it really is.

The Coverage of the Lions at Training camp has been excellent, on 1410 they have Julio And Rick Ball, and on 1040 Bemac and Ritial , are there all week, and the buzz in this city is growing, way more than last year. So lets go with it, and Sulski will see were the ratings for 1410 will be after the year is over. And if the lions win the grey cup maybe there will be a celebration like there is in Chicago tonight after winning the stanly cup.

One has not even half the listeners that the other one does. And it has to do with perception of the product. During the fall, the Lions could be on the other (weaker) station while another football team, the Seahawks are on the main station. These are the kinds of things that drove the late Bobby Ackles mad and does nothing for a brand that is still fighting for relevance in a larger (in CFL terms) market.

The coverage has been great so far but don't hold your breath for that Chicago-like celebration for the Lions. :lol:

One thing Skulsky has to ask himself:
Are the Lions better off being a temporary interuption in Canuck Nation talk 24/7/365 or going to a non-sports station that draws much bigger ratings like NW? My bet is on the latter.

The coverage has been great so far but don't hold your breath for that Chicago-like celebration for the Lions. EastVanMark

Yeah that is true. this not the mid 80's anymore when the lions won the grey cup in 1985 it was like Chicago, but the last time they won the grey cup nobody showed up at there celebration,( i think there was only 2000 people) i think if they win it again, there should be a parade celebrations at city centure does not do it for me, A parade would at least get 10,000 -15,000 people were a small celebration would only draw a couple of thousand.

You're right regarding the turnout for the last Grey Cup. It was estimated that 2000 people showed up. Even in the 80's although the turnout was much better, it pales to the celebration for the team during the 1964 Cup win. Its kind of ironic, but with each Grey Cup win, the city's celebrations seem to be heading in the wrong direction.