Lions just beat those Riders to a pulp Thanks~!

Okay LIons go after them and kick their butt. Put them back where they belong. LOSING!

The expectations for this team are huge for Sat's game. People dont want to see this team play well or perform, they want a WIN! Plain and simple, anyway, anyhow just WIN! This is considered the by many as their second chance at proving they are who we thought they were before the season started.

Don't just beat Saskatchewan... beat that 4.5 point spread too to get me some money!

Amen esks123...Im still trying to get over the Colts dropping their opener to the Bears...Id take the 4.5 for sure...good luck EH!

with the way buck pierce is playing, i am sure we will win, this charles roberts expirement is either going to work like a charm, or fail big time. we will see tom the atmosphere is going to be unreal, bring your ear plugs it is going to be noisey.

As a Riders fan this is good. BC and Calgary and Edmonton all hating the Riders. Its fun to be on top. We waited to long for this.

Roar you Lions,roar to victory!


I feel good about this...we have too many weapons to be kept down all year. With Buck firing on all cylinders, I feel like we can do it and I think that we're clicking at just the right time.

Awwww Austin, I know what you are going through :wink: We went through this last year. :wink:

But Calgary and Edmonton fans in bed together.....just so hard to picture. :wink:

Funny that the individual who complains when others troll, does it himself!

Funny I did not think cheering for a team was considered trolling. This is the BC area so why is it any concern for you in here. If you replied to my thread your all trolls according to this misplaced, misguided fan. LOL. Now Lions beat them yet again I love to see grown men cry after a loss.
BC 37 Riders 23 my prediction.

There's no way BC will score 37 points against our D at on our home turf! Should be a great game though.

I know this has nothing to do with this thread, (I think that is what it is called), but could someone please explain trolling to me. I’m new to this technology and want to learn the proper way.

…the individual rooms for the various teams are considered ‘safe havens’ for fans of that team, by that, a fan from another team cannot trashtalk that team or it’s fans within their room…

…a bonafide fan of the team can critize the team, or other fans, to a certain extent, and fans of other teams can enter into logical adult discussions about the pros and cons of a team…but outright trashing is not allowed…

…when a fan from a different team enters a forum from a rival team and trashtalks that rival team or it’s fans that is considered ‘trolling’…and is frowned upon and then the mods get out their nightsticks and someone pays dearly…

my preditiction is bc 20 sask 24, i think sask might take this one, i hope i am wrong.

Didn't you know???? RW2005 is Wally Buonos brother-in-law! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now sporty thats not be a smart butt here! Thats just say I am glad Wally is coaching in BC and not Calgary and leave it at that. :lol:

Thanks Red and White for the explanation. :thup:

Nothing would make me more happy then the Lions crushing the Riders at home in front of their fans. It would duplicate the Stamps in what they did in Taylor field. That would be very very humorous.

See dariderfan, RW2005 and the Lion fans can poke sticks at each other, but generally we all come out unscarred. Most occasions he is welcomed with open arms.

However, I suppose the intensity of trash talk will increase when THE STAMPS AND LIONS MEET in the Western Final! :wink: :wink: :wink: