Lions Jonathon Jennings already getting NFL interest

Rick Dhaliwal?
17h17 hours ago
#BCLionsquarterback Jonathan Jennings is getting interest from the NFL, talks already with the Packers and Vikings.

He's certainly got the raw talent. However, he badly needs a team with a hi-grade QB Whisperer.

Minnesota seems a good fit - but JJ needs at least one more year of seasoning. Vikes may want to lock him to a 3 yr contract - given they've got Sam Bradford turning into a mash ward, Teddy Bridgewater nearly lost his leg but he's valiantly trying to rehab but prolly not ready for several weeks - if not months and Case Keenum doing a decent job managing the Vikes offense but nothing spectacular.

Jennings has all the requirements of an NFL QB - size, arm power, elusiveness, relatively young.
Just needs the requisite whisperer and/or a football brain implant. That's the main knock on him - inability to read defenses, poor decisions in critical situations, spectacular accuracy back-dropped by real droughts in accuracy!

There are a few starters in the CFL, would hate to see them leave the league, that should easily be able to get back up roles on teams in the NFL. Most NFL teams have horrible backups. For a league with all the money in the world, their QB development is horrible.

QB development seems to flow in waves for both leagues. When the NFL starts bolstering their rosters with our starting QBs, we'll be back in the hunt once again. Longer contracts ?

Well stated!

I agree and I think that is going to have to change before he's ready for the NFL. In 2014 he was turned down by a number of NFL teams. Over the past three years he's had a decent completion record [66%] but his inability to read defences has translated into an average of 15 interceptions a season. That 's close to one per game! Mitchell [QB for Calgary] has about the same completion record but it's over 6 years and over that same period he's average about 7 interceptions per season. I think Mitchell would stand a better chance if I had to make a choice.

I'd be surprised of Jennings gets picked up. I agree that he has the "raw" talent but when the guy is off he is really off. And he is off frequently.

I must admit that some of his passing has been fabulous. He is also incredibly elusive. So who knows what might be in store for the young QB in a few years. but I like I say I'd be very surprised if he is picked up anytime soon.

I'm wondering though if the NFL defenses are easier to read with one less man to worry about? Of course the talent there is overall better than the CFL as many would see it but he might be able to fit in there better than here because of one less man, albeit that may be a very simplistic perception on my part.

...I've never heard any QB say that, but the QBs that make their way north to the CFL often say that having that twelfth man in the D makes it harder to read, so by a logic extension I'd say your statement has some truth to it...

Not sure of Jennings is ready he still has some grooming to do .

He could be another Burris who was not ready when he tried going south with the Packers then the Bears but I don't blame him for giving it a shot maybe he will succeed .

It was generally understood Henry Burris was young and very obstinate when it came to learning NFL offenses (and defenses). Wasn't willing to do the work, get the necessary grooming and mentoring and was seen as a bit of a loud-mouth around the locker room. Jennings is probably far more house-broken and thus able to take in the necessary training and upgrades. I think he could hang on to an NFL spot - perhaps as a solid #2 guy for a couple years.

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…will he bend the knee?

It's all about politics with the No Funners as any starting QB in our league could make it down south.
Except of course when the money and politics steps in.

please put your crap in the toilet in the future

Yes I forget you are right? Based on what theory, Rogers Sportsnet?

Maybe it's based on the numerous CFL QB's that have gone down there and not been successful? Not everything is a conspiracy.

And there have been numerous NFL QB's to come north and be equally unsuccessful, does that mean that all NFL qb's wouldnt cut it up here?

I am not saying all CFL starting QB's would be successful but given the right opportunity I think that some of the starters in the CFL could make it. Would they turn into Aaron Rogers overnight? of course not but the NFL does not exactly have an Aaron Rogers on every team.

If history plays any part in it Flutie and Garcia both became NFL pro bowlers so whose to say that Reily, Mitchell or Nichols couldnt make a roster and be more than effective than some of the garbage NFL QB's that are out there. It all about being given a chance and simply making the most of it.

You're right, not every NFL QB succeeds in the CFL. And some CFL QB's would definitely thrive in the NFL, just haven't found themselves in the right situation. My issue was more with ArgoT saying that ANY starting QB in the CFL could make it down there. It's just not true.

You remember how Ricky Williams came up here a few years back with the Argos and all of the nay sayers said he would get 5000+ rushing yards.
Turns out he had less than a 1000 yards and the quality person that he was said there was absolutely no talent difference between the two leagues.
But, of course the kool aid drinking No Funners and some here on our site do not want to hear that.
That's fine then listen to Rogers and the Bob McLown for inspiration.

That's your opinion, based again on no facts.
So don't say it's not true.