Lions' Jimenez and Murphy Eligible For Free Agency

According to this article in the Vancouver Province, Lions' offensive tackles Jason Jimenez and Rob Murphy are both eligible for free agency in Feb/09:

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Ticats' GM Bob O'Billovich has stated that he will bring at least four American offensive tackles to camp next year. It will be interesting to see if one of the four will be an experienced CFL free agent or whether all four of them will be "prospects".

The Lions will want both of these guys back, but they have cap issues, so can they do it?

If either of these guys ends up in free agency, Obie would be crazy not to sign them.

How do we do it? Cut Printers and use that money to sign Jimenez and Murphy.

Imagine both of these guys anchoring the ends of our line, and our #1 and #3 picks used to select the two best young O-Linemen in the 2009 draft?

Our O-Line would go straight from a weakness to a strength.

What about our dline? As much as I like this idea we need more improvement on our dline. When Porter was under centre, our oline didn't look as pourous.

You sure the Lions have cap issues? Smith was traded, Roberts likely won't be back, Cam Wake is going to try out the NFL and both their QB's make 200k.
I would be very surprised to see either of those two guys leave the Lions. Obviously if they elect to go to free agency, every GM should make an offer especialy for Rob Murphy.

While I think it unlikely that both of them would be available, and would sign in Hamilton, it does make for quite a pleasant daydream. Those 2 at tackles, and if the Cats draft as well as Calgary did last year (Tsoumpas, Newman), that would be a formidable offensive line.

Some of these guys have little or no intention of leaving their team just driving up the asking price. Murphy was a free agent just a short while back and ended signing back with BC.

Yes, those moves might free up some money for BC, but this past year, Buono was struggling to get the team under the cap. I remember reading news articles where he stated he wouldn't be as active as other GM's because BC was so close to the cap. Also, I beileve one of the reasons why Buono traded us Markeith Knowlton was, of course, their incredible DB youth and depth...but also the fact that Knowlton, who was coming off a breakout year, was eventually going to demand too much money for BC to fit him under the cap, given what they were also paying lots of vet players.

Jiminez yes, Murphy no..........