Lions' Jimenez Allowed To Play

A huge black eye for the CFL as the league is allowing BC Lions O Lineman Jason Jimenez to play in both the West Final and Grey Cup. Confirmed by Rick Ball of the Team 1040 who is at BC Place broadcasting live.

Absolute bushleague antics from the league who's selling feature is Our Balls Are Bigger, unless it comes to dealing with a major issue then I guess Our Balls shrivel up like raisins.

Just put out a sign saying "open season" because the league has just turned into a anything goes organization. Incredible.

This is one long time leo fan who will be cheering for the riders if Wally actually lets him play. I will continue not to cheer for the lions until wally is gone.


I predicted they would find a loop hole or two to get around it. While I'm not condoning the actions of Jimenez, I figured if Gass could get around the rules and drag it out, Jimenez would also be able to drag it out.

I'm not surprised.

it is posted here at TSN

I can't believe they would allow the guy to play.

Thanks for the link Mike.

Yup, just as I figured, the AJ Gass ruling was tied into it.

And the CFL wants to know why it has an image problem at times!

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The thing that surprises me is that arbitrator, would think it is not important enough to hear during the playoffs.

The only remaining hope is that arbitrator does what is necessary and increases the suspension to at least half the season or full season next year.

I think the CFLPA has a maximum suspension length.
Don't get me wrong Mike, I agree a suspension is in order, but the league might have its hands tied by the CFLPA.

A few years ago, didn't a CFL player strike a Referee with a helmet? In the NHL that would be half a season, but the CFL only suspended him 1 game.

Not only is this not fair for the Lions opposition, but sure as shite is not fair to Calgary Stampeders defensive lineman Anthony Gargiulo who possibly will never play pro football again.

Sweet justice! Thank all that is good in the world that Jimenez can play.

What amazes me, The CFLPA protects the rights of Jimenez...fair enough, but what about the rights of Gargiulo? He may never play again.

He's not the one greiving to the union so what is there to protect?

We can all guarantee that this flawed system will be fixed at the end of the season. AJ Gass screwed it up and set a precedent.

I agree that the system will be looked at prior to season's end, however don't be surprised if someone from BC Lions gets taken out during the West Final or if they make it the Grey Cup. The CFL and CFLPA have opened Pandora's Box and they can just ask the NHL what kind of financial hit it took during the Bertuzzi fiasco.

Maybe I put it wrong Swervyn. Just like the Criminal justice system in this country, it seems the accused gets more rights than the victim. The ideas of penalties are to act as a detterent. If Jimenez only misses week one next year and allowed to play in the Western Final and Grey Cup, what is to stop ANY PLAYER from "Evening up scores", especially with all the Back-to-back games the league schedules.

In the short term, this is a great ruling for the Lions. In the long term..... I wouldn't want to predict. :? :?

Considering the history and "bad blood" between both teams, I already had expected the Game Officials to have their hands full.

You are right, hopefully the "system" gets fixed in the off-season.

As a Lions fan I'm a bit surprised but also happy at the same time. Glad we have JJ in for the playoffs, he gives us the best chance to bring home the Cup again.

Ah, yes as a Lions fan one would want to see him playing, but this is not swift justice and the league deserved to serve it quickly. They are partly to blame for taking so long and by not setting up the hearing before the grey cup. OJ Simpson wasn't guilty niether, remember.

Lets play devil's advocate here. If on the first play another team chop blocked the Lions QB ending his career would the lions fans be supportive of him playing, especially in the playoffs? The game against Calgary was a meaningless game for both teams. The hit was intentional and Jimenez knew our should have known the probably outcome of his hit. If anything the Lions should be furious with him for being so stupid and in a mean nothing game to boot.

What do they do now if the Lions go on to win the cup and the suspension is upheld? What is there to stop teams from adapting the same dirty tactics knowing that it is now becoming acceptable for this kind of nonsense? No team I would ever support or cheer for would allow a player to go unpunished by the team itself for this kind of hit.

Think of it this way - If the lions care so little of the Calgary player that they let Jimenez play - what does that say about how they value actual players over simply winning no matter what the cost?

I'm really not surprised. I think in this case the league did all it could to prevent him from playing but unfortunately it wasn't enough to cover the loophole.

I'm going to be disgusted if he plays in the Grey Cup or gets any sort of financial bonus from playing in it.

Go Riders!