lions jerseys vs Sask jerseys

I was at willowbrook mall on the weekend, was at the sports store talking to the manager, and saw tons of lions jersys for sale( half price even) and no sask jerseys all sold out, he told me that lions jersys are not too popular latly, were as last year at this time they were hard to keep in stock. So i thoink the lions have a lot to prove yet to fans here in bc , but i bet you if the lions win the west and get to the grey cup, they will be hard to come by but if they don't win the west and get to the grey cup, it is going to be a tough sell next year.

In sask you guys 3 things: oil/farming and the Riders! Any thing good happening in Sask I'd be buying any thing to remember the success It only happens ever 50-100 years! take it and run! you may not see another grey cup for 20-30 years! make hey while the sun shines! The Lions will do fine! automatic cup win from now on least every 5 years!

Thanks for the Marketing/Economics lesson. I (like most people) dont buy a new Jersey every year either.