Lions Jersey For 2016

I am hearing talk and rumors about the Lions having an updated jersey.

Anyone know for sure ? Or is this just assumption talk because the CFL is dumping Reebok ?

Myself , I think the current jersey is bland. It needs some black striping like the ones in the 70's and 80's.

I know orange is important, but I really liked the 90s black and silver the best.

it was black and silver....right?

They were black / silver from 90 - 04.
That was because of coach Larry Kuharich.

When he was the coach here in Calgary, he wanted to switch the Stamps to silver helmets and black jerseys.
Just suggesting dumping the red and white is both a sin and a crime in Calgary.

When he went to the Lions he got his wish. That would be an easier sell. The Leos did have black helmets and black jerseys from 1960 - 1971. Long time fans would have been ok with the black.

I was NOT happy with it. The lions are my second team and I liked the past orange jerseys. I like the current one, I just think it needs some black stripping like the past.

black and silver

That has my vote. Sleek, crisp, and clean.

I think they will be the same but say Adidas. blue line at coquitlam center had 50% off the reebok jerseys btw if anyone is interested

I say there will be big changes. Some teams more than others. If they were the same, just Adidas, they would not be making the big display and announcement on Thu May 12.

BTW, did you watch the BC teaser video ? I say the Lions will look very different.

Huge changes and right on. They are sweet! Love them i want one more than my gun metal grey now

The jerseys are awesome. Yet I would have like to see some black on the Lions away jersey.

However, I do not like the black home helmet. 3 teams in a 9 team league with black helmets ??????.

I am ok with the new logo. Reminds me of the USFL Michigan Panthers.

Anyway, I am making 3 trips to Vancouver this year to see the Lions.

Looking FWD to seeing those new uni's live. Can't wait.

The new uniforms are ok the road version is kind of bland though. However the new logo on the helmet is terrible. It is very difficult to see on the screen appears as just a big white area against the orange. No strong brand presence as a sports organize wants. They took the best logo in the CFL and relegated it to a small crest on the jersey on the back yet. Lose the new logo and return to the BC logo with the Lions paw version thrown in for special games.

I really like the black and orange home uniforms. I'm in complete agreement with your comments about the new helmet logo. I watched one of the exhibition games and spent most of the game hoping they would do a close up so I could the helmet up real close. It me most of the game to figure out it was a lion's head. It looked more the knight's head on a chess board. I'm not kidding.

The black helmets are better.

The lion's paw was a good one and there were other great ones. Especially the logo on this forum page up above.

I saw the white and orange uniforms when they played Hamilton yesterday. They were good but I like the black uniforms more.

New uniforms look good but put the paw on the helmet instead.

Lol no way that would look really femmy.

The helmet now is the best helmet in football on the road and at home i love both: best design ever!