Lions is big trouble

Wow. Facing an eastern team who had played three games out west in a row, the Lions pititful offence could not get it done against the Als who did everything to hand the game to B.C. When is the last game A.C. threw no touchdowns??????
If the Lions, under the Casey II experiment, cannot win this game at home, theirs will be a long, long, long season. What is Casey's win loss record since returning??? If Printers was not injured and what we saw is what we will get, deserves to be benched. If Printers was injured why not play Lulay who at least can run, scramble and make throws on the run and gain yards on quarterback keepers. Instead those damn Als get a lock on first place in the east and literally steal a game they had no business winning. And where are the Lions headed???? Wow, even Geroy is discouraged. Oh well, Lions fans can go to home games and make beer snake lines and have their fun in the stands cuz it ain't pretty let alone entertaing on the field. All the quarterbacks in the league have had at least one good game except Casey. Buck was player of the week, Henry has played inconsistent but has two wins, Durant = League MVP, Ray had a great game against the Als, Lemon has done enough to win 2 games, Glenn bounced back with a stellar performance last night, A.C. is going to the Hall of Fame and never gets too down just finishes when he has to- then there is CAsey Printers???????????????????????????????? Good luck Lions fans.


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Haha, you shit disturber :slight_smile:

I think Buono should consider starting Lulay next week. Especially if Casey isn't 100%.

I still shudder from when Lulay ran all over us last year.

IT's only game 3; 15 more to team is guaranteed to be in the playoffs, and no team is out of the hunt yet. Much football to be played yet boys and girls :slight_smile:

lions will only get 6 wins all season that is it.

Yeah not looking to good for us at this point. The line wasnt stellar but they were better than the previous week, and even though he was rushed quite a bit, Casey did have time to throw. Lot of poor throws, misplays with receivers running the wrong routes, if it could go wrong for us, it did. I actually thought we had a chance at halftime there, but it didnt pan out.

Terrible game for both teams really. Was about as much fun as watching paint dry. Casey is 2-8 since hes been back with the Lions. I'd give him another game or two and if he doesn't shape up, bench him and put the team behind Lulay.

Care to put a wager on that?

Yes, the offense is struggling right now. But what many people don't seem to realize is that the Lions' young defense faced Ricky Ray (Week One), Darian Durant (Week Two), and Anthony Calvillo (Week Three) and has only given up one passing touchdown.

That's without projected starting nose tackle Steve Williams (Weeks One, Two, and Three), DE Keron Williams (Weeks Two and Three), and LB Anton McKenzie (Week Three).

Granted the lions defence is not too shabby. Coach Stubler was the best pick up for the Leos in the off-season.

But, ultimately you need some consistent offence. Hope for the CFL's sake that the Lions get some wins and do not go 3-12 or something miserable like that.

And Turkeys Lions closet love affair continues.

Nothing closet about it :slight_smile: