Lions invite Canadian QB to rookie camp, sign import QB

The Lions will bring Vancouver Island Raiders junior thrower Jordan Yantz for a look at rookie camp May 31 in Kamloops. Yantz, a 225-pound 22-year-old from Regina who caught the eye of offensive co-ordinator Jacques Chapdelaine at an open tryout last month and might be the Canadian pro quarterback hopeful discussed on an annual basis by CIS clubs.

"The thing [Chapdelaine] saw in him was that he made CFL throws and compared him to all the quarterbacks he'd seen down south," said Yantz's junior coach, Matt (Snoop) Blokker of the Nanaimo-based Raiders, who had Yantz at their spring camp on the weekend. "Jacques felt he was as good as he's seen."

Yantz also doesn't count against the Lions' training camp roster, which didn't hurt his chances of an invite as one of the handful of pivots in the history of the Canadian Junior Football League to earn a look.

But the Lions also suggested Yantz has a better upside than UBC quarterback Billy Greene, who did not attract any interest during this month's CFL draft by teams who see him as a running back.

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Awesome, Great news for Canadian kids, that makes 4 Canadian kids at Quarterback in camps :thup:

Considering he was evaluated by Chapdelaine I wouldn't hold much weight to it.

Vancouver Island Raiders is also the team that gave us Andrew Harris, a rare non-import as a starting running back. If a quarterback is coming to the CFL from the CJFL, it would be the least surprising to me if the Raiders were the source.

[As an aside, the Raiders owner is one of the most invested owners, both financially and personally, of any CJFL team, which is why it wouldn't surprise me. The following article ... tball.html (copy-pasted from the Globe. The original is now behind a subscriber wall) says he invested around $1,000,000.00 to the team and gave scholarships to his players. Too bad there aren't more like him, and too bad he doesn't get more attention than he does.]