Lions interview Tedford

Vancouver tv reports Wally Buono is meeting with Jeff Tedford this weekend about the head coaching job.

Where would Wally find enough of our 87 cent dollars to interest Tedford. I read, somewhere, that when he was the HC at Cal, he was the "highest paid employee of the State of California." This report, from a year ago, shows the kind of money Tedford has become accustomed to earning:

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According to what I read, Tedford had medical issues that surrounded his release.

Perhaps, getting into the CFL could be his way of proving that he can handle a head coaching job again.

Hey, this is the same Jeff Tedford who was once with the Tiger Cats

Maybe the interview is to buy the team instead of coaching the team? :wink:

Tedford 1985

He has money.

But, if that were the case, wouldn't the interview be with Braley. Unless, Wally is weeding out the pretenders.