Lions ink second-round pick OL Noah Zerr

KAMLOOPS — The BC Lions announced on Thursday that National offensive lineman Noah Zerr has signed with the team. Zerr was selected by the Lions in round two (12th overall) of the 2022 CFL Draft earlier this month.

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What the... could it be that the Lions are taking their offensive line depth seriously this year? Did some very warm place JUST freeze over?!

Well they drafted him. Why wouldn't they sign him?

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I'm glad they DID sign Zerr. But "why wouldn't they" you ask? Why indeed would the Lions not at least TRY to field the best possible offensive line every year? Poor old Michael Reilly must've wondered the same thing.

Usually Lions' management had plenty of really good excuses in previous seasons to focus their interest elsewhere such as 'meh' or 'no coupons for 20% off linemen', or 'it's Thursday'. But this year things seem to be a wee bit different. Zerr's not going to start right away but he does give the Lions some credible depth down the road once he gets settled in.

I'm just not used to seeing BC go into the season with an offensive line that's not the worst for a change. Things are looking up. :smiley: :+1:

All kidding aside. Do you really believe the Lions, or any team for that matter, don't take every aspect seriously each and every season?

Of course things don't always work out the way you'd like. It doesn't mean management got lazy or didn't care that year.

I see that as silly stuff fans like to complain about.

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Yeah. I do.

Prior to Genius GM Kyle Walters arrival here we had a management philosophy that bordered on reckless when it came to quarterback protection. Every season we'd raid other team's practice rosters and patch our gawd awful offensive line together using guys who couldn't start in ANY league. Buck Pierce and Drew Willy got their heads handed to them way too often since our priorities were so out of whack.

All that's behind us now. Thankfully.

Silly... but, whatever...

Ah you're right. There's no way I dig myself out of this one.

Looks like I'm just high on the strike news. It's over baby. :partying_face:

There's nothing for you to dig yourself out of. When things go well and the team wins there are heroes abound. When things start going wrong those heroes lose the love. Time immemorial. Enjoy it while it lasts I say.

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Having said that I have to admit, there was a time when I thought that good running backs were a dime a dozen. To not find a good running back One had to be blind-folded with his/hers ears plugged, is what I used to think. Those times don't seem to exist any longer.

There isn't an American running back - not currently under an NFL contract - that can turn the Lions ground game around? Apparently not. But it's a new season, so I guess we'll see.

That's where my (main) team concerns lie at the moment.

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There might be more than one really good experienced American running back available come final cut down day if more teams go national like us. William Powell is one. Expect others.

Yeah, but there's usually a reason players become available. Any RB already with 5+ years experience is well beaten up, and of course that's when they're making a ton of money.

The idea is to find one on our own, which is how it's supposed to work. The player types you mention are fine if you have injury problems and are looking to fix a hole temporarily.

I want the first five or six years of a RBs career, and then another team pay him the really huge money. Andrew Harris was and is the exception to that rule though. He's worth every penny.

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Until you mentioned him I was going to bring his name up. I'm not sure if we discovered Charles 'Blink' Roberts on our own but that kind of back is your ideal candidate. Young and ridiculously fast.

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Yep, and young always means cheap as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh yeah. And sometimes you luck out big time when an NFL starter like Big Mike Sellers drops into your lap due to a minor drug infraction. Remember that 'Thunder and Lightning' combo we had when he and Roberts shared the same backfield? It was temporary but terrifying for other teams. A couple years later Sellers was back in the NFL wreaking havoc with the Washington Unmentionables.

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I remember.

The Bombers like most, if not every team, had their share of great RBs. Those were the days. Maybe those days are still here? It just feels different now.

Willard Reaves was always my favorite Bomber. Sean Millington was for the Lions. James Sykes was my favorite Stamp until he dropped the ball on the half yard line, celebrating. lol

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It happens. Those are cringe worthy boo boos. Leon Mcquay had an 'it happens' moment too with the Argos. I think every great back if they play long enough has at least one bad play they'd like to have over.

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