Lions ink Lucky Whitehead through 2023

VANCOUVER β€” Lucky Whitehead is staying with the Lions.

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Good to see Lucky staying in BC, as they really need his talent this coming season if they are going to beat out Regina for 3rd in the West. LOL

Congrats to BC. I was hoping against hope that Lucky might be open to returning to Winnipeg, given his appearance there in the stands late in the year. Lucky is an excellent person and a great player. I am happy for him that he signed for two years and I know BC won’t regret it.

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Agree with you, would be nice to fit him with a Grey Cup ring, but he is needed in BC.

He is an exciting player, and has an even more exciting personality. I will cheer him on. All season long,

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Great signing by the Lions. Starting to see some big names getting deals. Great to see.

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Orange looks good on you, Lucky! How about dyeing your hair from red to orange? Big play player for Reilly/Rourke to feed. Next up...Burnham.

Rather see Lucky die his hair color after his first true love

Blue & Gold. Lol :blue_heart::orange_heart:

Moved on from that blue/gold, Lucky's got a new love out on the coast, but he'll come back to visit you(about once a season).

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