Lions ink deal with National QB Michael O'Connor

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions announced on Tuesday the signing of free agent National quarterback Michael O’Connor.

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Interesting. If the Lions go with a starting National QB and have his backup also a National, that'd be almost unheard of. With these two as their main QBs, they'd also be saving a mountain of cap space compared to other teams.

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Useless signing by Campbell. The Lions need a veteran QB not another backup QB. Nathan Rourke needs more time to develop into a better QB. He is inexperience! Look at Ottawa Caleb Evans in 2021. He was horrible. I m sure he will be better in couple of years but now they have Masoli as #1.
If Rourke struggles who will replace him now that Reilly retired? Stupid signing in my opinion!!!

interesting maybe having two guys with something to prove .....

band together to push each other ....

will see if there is merit behind it .

some receiver talent , running game , a strong offensive line . a good qb coach and oc can make a difference and make that job easier to finally having our own play our game .

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Harris is still out there, I believe. I wouldn't be surprised to see BC add a veteran like him to the mix.

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I wish O'Connor & Rourke lots of success. What I see missing to date is signings on OL & DL, a desperate need IMO. Outside of Woody Baron, nothing. I hope there is a plan in place there or it doesn't matter if you have Trevor Harris added or not. That OL needs some serious attention.


Hope so, not enough experience for my liking with the 2 young Canadians. A couple of years down the road might be a different story hopefully but for now a veteran would be good to have around.

The Montreal Alouettes have signed veteran quarterback Trevor Harris to a one-year contract

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Like I said Campbell needs to give his head a shake. OL needs serious attention but he doesn't care. Wasting money signing another backup QB. Ottawa did much better today. BC SUCKS!!!

Some team have to give Canadian QBs a chance. Might as well be the Lions

It is a gamble, but football always is. I think you're failing to see a bigger picture of what is being painted here. With 2 Canadian QBs it simplifies the needed packages for either QB on the field. Simplifying the book with so many newbies is the way to go, for now. O'Connor is a vet for the purposes the Lions need right now.

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Campbell will either look like a genius or be run out of town.

They definitely look like they’re handing the reins to O’Rourke with this move and he won’t have to worry about looking over his shoulder the way he would with a higher paid vet like Harris waiting on the sidelines. Not as much scrutiny for Campbell either if he pulls one young Canadian Qb for another.

O’Connor still is probably popular out there after his Vanier Cup win in 2015.

I think O’Rourke is the real deal and will do well. Might be a few bumps along the way though at least in year 1. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.

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O'Connor is not a vet, he is a backup QB in Toronto and Calgary. He's only got like 8 games under his belt! To win games in the CFL you need 2 experience quarterbacks. Number 1 and number 2. Look at Hamilton Ticats, they got Evans and Masoli last year. Look at Ottawa and Edmonton they were the worst 2 teams in the league last year. Why? Because they don't have good veteran quarterbacks!! The Lions need 1 proven QB and upgrade offensive line to be competitive in 2022!

If Rourke and O'Connor are the QB1 and 2 going forward, will that be a piece of CFL history with a team's starter and main backup both Canadians?

Harker on the roster as well and Thomson who I know nothing about. I can only guess the tactic is a dirt-cheap QB stable hoping Rourke will make a major jump in quality and spending big in other areas where other teams can't.

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Lions haven't had an effective O line in over 25 years. Just look at qb injuries over that time . Quality of qbs, receivers don't matter if they don't have time to perform. Same with running game if no holes created.