Lions in trouble at the gate

Just heard there is going to be no more than 20,000 for tonight's games with the $5.00 ticket for kids 12 and under a new exciting QB new uniforms and new identity on a Saturday night we should at the least get 25,000 . This organization is in trouble Brailey should have sold this after the 2011 grey cup when they were worth something now nobody is going to want to buy them ,Braiely has run this team into he ground ( No Bob Ackles to help him out or this team would have already folded ) The whitecaps are going to out draw the lions this year in attendance making it officially that the BC lions are on the third DEPT chart in attending a sporting event.

Seems like they fix the problem in Toronto and another one pops up for the CFL in Vancouver.

Yes I hate to say but the lions made the biggest mistake moving back into BC place it is too big not intermittent enough.

If Toronto can break even with 18K fans, BC can do it with 20K. Let's just wait and see instead of looking for trouble.

this problem did not just pop up all of a sudden.
the Lions have been in steady decline for a number of years now and having Braley as an owner is not helping.

The in game experience is a little lacking in Van.

It's really discouraging short term but the reality is the team is in the midst of being sold. After going through the Argonaut sale process we clearly saw Braley stopped investing in the franchise once he started the process.

The good news is Braley will keep the franchise going until the sale is complete. Dispite his frugal ways, no one will miss a pay cheque.

Once they're sold and hopefully to local interests, the downside is the new owners will have a small base to start with in the rebuild.

Vancouver has proven to be a viable CFL market. Hang in the Lions fans, this too shall pass.

Well said. :thup:

David Braley has been a cancer in this league for over a decade.. If he had died after he had facilitated the sale of the the Tigercats to Bob Young, and the Argos to S snd C. The CFL would be light years ahead of where it is now.
The CFL would have a seven million dollar cap.. The CFL would have a six hour work day, and thus much better football.The CFL would have a real video game.The Argos would have been in BMO 6 years ago, and the Lions would still be averaging 30k. Tom Wright would still be the Commish... Braley is a cancer and has completely destroyed his own legacy. He should have been pulled from the HOF like Allan Eagleson

Oh, Bungle… :roll:

Having said that, the crowd is VERY thin and disappointing in BC.

There is less than 10000 asses in seats.. The CFL needs to act now and revoke the franchise from this cancer

10,000? Are you a crackhead? Revoke the franchise, yeah, what a stellar idea.

No ads on the field tonight except for cfl kick off . No centre logo either ?

Nice and clean .

You do realize that only 40 persent of the seats are between the goal lines? You do realize there are only 27000 seats in that crappy configuration? If even one in three seats has an ass in it, Id be suprised.
God thank the seats aren't blue anymore, or it would be an eyesore worse than it already is.
As for Braley. If soneone is purposely hurting the league, is that not reason for revocation?

I've been going to games there for 25 years, and if you think there's 10,000 people there, you're either a crackhead or an idiot. Not sure which. Your posts are damaging to this website, why don't you just bugger off and spare the rest of us with your complete non-stop nonsense?

Perhaps if you Bungle-twit had died before posting your retarded drivel, you would have done everyone including yourself a big favour! :thdn:

You guys can live in denial all you want, but just listen to the crowd. There is no one there.
And you can critize me all you want, but I called it 5 years ago that Braley would drag the sale of this team out until his death. Every year longer he lives, the more this team is damaged.
I honestly dont wish death on the guy, but he seems hell bent on owning this team until that event occurs.
In a perfect world he would have sold this team 10 years ago and be healthy as a horse right now..Sadly, neither is true

What was the announced attendance?

It was very thin but it's how you communicate it Bungle. Too much venom in your posts. Try and tone it down.

Announced crowed of over 21,000 not bad for the first game can you imagine how many would have been there if there was no $5.00 ticket night. ???