Lions in a Freefall!

My B.C. Lions are hopeless. Our offensive line could not block the sun with visors on. No emotion, no second effort. They are a disgrace. And to lose to Saskatchewan is the worst. We will never hear the end of it from all our friends and relatives from Saskatchewan. A purge is needed with Chapdelaine leading the walk to the plank. Put Lulay back in , at least he can run and gain some yardage. Who is up next Calgary then Montreal. I fear a 1-8 record going into Labour Day. Where is the closest bridge to jump from.

Its all on Wally sadly. He's neglected his Oline in the draft chasing Jamal Lee's and Mat Carter's. Lions have had more draft picks than any other team with the exception of the Ticats and have next to nothing to show for it. It is probably time for Wally to focus on one of the two main functions. For him as well as for the team.

It is on Wally this time. I happened to be out when the game started, and came in near the end of the second half. The first three plays I saw had a BC face mask (and a guy going after the knees, Nik Lewis sure called that one), a BC unnecessary roughness, and another BC face mask. That's 45 yards in undisciplined penalties on THREE PLAYS. It wound up being a touchdown Saskatchewan.

Four face masks in the first half. WTF is that? Such poor team discipline is either on the coach for not instilling discipline in his players, or on the GM for bringing in the wrong players. Just so happens that Wally is both of them.

They're not even using Robertson, they might as well ship him to the Ti-Cats right now. :smiley:

I don't get how GMs in this league can neglect the offensive line and think that somehow their team is good enough to overcome such neglect. Maciocia did the same thing in Edmonton and it just cost him his job. Wally, because of his achievements and reputation, is probably safe, but I agree with Hfx that it's time for him to focus on just one of his jobs. Wally being HC and GM isn't working for the Lions.

Well they picked Matt Carter, he signed with the Ticats and they picked OL Matt Morencie, he signed with the Ticats :lol:

What did the club do in respect of replacing/reshuffling upper management after the passing of Bobby Ackles (RIP). I don't recall or just missed it. Could it be that Wally is also part-time president as well as HC and GM and just can't do it all to the detriment of each roll? Wouldn't that void have had a negative impact that is starting to show itself?

I know that they picked up Roy Shivers in some capacity, I believe player development. But I'm not sure exactly when they got him or how much of a role he plays.

Given the divisiveness he caused in the Riders locker room during his tenure, maybe that's a factor in BC now?

No shame in losing to the probable Grey Cup champs this year. But yes the Lions look bad, real bad.

You're right, I don't feel bad about when we lost to MONTREAL.


aww, Grims.

and just when I was starting to try to be nice to you..... :cry:

Bah don't worry, I'm sure the Riders'll make the playoffs.

There is one thing that people should consider here too. Out of the first 7 games of the season, the Lions have played the Riders twice, and also one game apiece against Calgary and Montreal. Those are games that I don't think anyone gave them a better than 30% chance of winning. In the other three games, they had a split with Edmonton, and a close loss to their bosses' other team. Once they get through the worst of this schedule, they get some games with Winnipeg and Hamilton and they should be able to pick up some wins there.

It's not a total freefall, it's just that there are 3 teams that appear set to dominate the rest of the league this year...and BC has played 4 games against those three.

You are totally right Sheep, its not a TOTAL freefall. We hit a few trees on the way down. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wont be like Sheep and try to tell you lies. The BC Lions are just plain aweful!!!

Actually, thats a good point. Surprising more Leos fans haven't picked up on that on the boards.

What we have picked up on is we're 1-6 and the same problems that we saw in pre-season are still there. Losing to good teams is one thing, to lose every single time the same way is really frustrating. I sensing some plagarism here?....

no man, I don't hate no plagars! I think they should be treated like everyone else!

Nope, no plagarism here.

(Whats a plagar, anyways?)

:D :D :D :D :D

Like I said, BC will still be in contention for the playoffs because Edmonton is just as bad and one of Winnipeg/Hamilton will remain mediocre.