LIONS hungry to eat the RIDERS!

Relax and play the ZONE defense and we should easily beat SASK this Friday--

Demarco is much better than DURANT- Durant cannot read a PRO DEFENSE just like BURRIS--

We own DURANT and should dominate SASK and send them with their 5th loss in a row--

LETS GO LIONS-- Eat the riders for lunch


Apply pressure to Durant- Mix in some blitzes to rattle Durant-- He gets easily rattled and cannot read a defense--

Durant will be looking for passes between 20-30 yards-- CORNERS CORNERS CORNERS CORNERS--

Durant cannot throw the post pattern because he thinks the safety is always in the middle of the field--

DRESSLER and GETZAF will take a running start and run full speed and run the deep corner - Roughly 30 yards downfield-

Durant cannot throw a timing out or anything short with accuracy--

If we take the deep corners away, and pressure Durant we will make at least 5 interceptions this Friday- I know this Durant fellow pretty well and he is a clone of Henry BURRIS-- Burris despite leading the league in yards and stats still cannot read a PRO defense either- The proof is when he plays CALGARY and how they intercept him numerous times and he is 0-4 vs Calgary because the calgary dbs know his tendencies-
IF Burris could read a defense he would be able to COUNTER the calgary dbs and burn them, but he cannot because he stares right where he throws the ball every time-

Relax and the ball will come to us on Friday- I expect the Defense to completely shut down the overrated Durant--

He is not a PRO QB and we will show him on Friday-

I think there are two Darian Durants: one with a strong running game, and another without. Last week Toronto only put up 17 points in Saskatchewan and they still beat the Riders. Why? Because Cory Sheets' sprained ankle has kept him out of the lineup for the full month of September, which neatly coincides with the Riders' four-game losing streak.

This week Sheets will play, although no one really knows how healthy he is. Its easy to imagine the Riders' brain-trust trying to rush Sheets back a week or two ahead of schedule, to stop a losing streak that threatened to nullify the teams hard work that vaulted them to an 8-1 start. In one month they've gone from 1st to 3rd in the west. There's no question Saskatchewan is one team with their 1200+ yard rusher, and 0-4 since he went down with an ankle sprain. Without Sheets, Durant was forced to try to win games with only the pass.

This week BC will have a couple of different starters. Steve Myddleton replaces Dean Valli at right guard and Courtenay Taylor is out with a torn pectoral muscle, suffered while making a circus catch that scored a touchdown last week in Winnipeg. Korey Williams, who sputtered as a kick returner earlier this season but did well as a receiver, will get his chance tonight in Taylor's spot. BC may also still have Marco Iannuzzi out, so look for expanded roles by Paris Jackson and S.J. Haidara in tonight's BC offense.

The keys tonight for BC's defense are to limit Sheets' production and whenever possible double-cover the Rider's biggest threats through the air: Getslav and Dressler. We need another superhuman effort from Bighill, Elimimian, Taylor, Westerman and the rest of the front six. Look for the riders to test Myddleton at right guard and try to control the ball using Corey Sheets. The offense needs better first down production and must get points from their trips into the red zone. Paul macCallum and the rest of the kick teams must cover and block better and pin the Riders' deep in their end as often as possible with directional punts.

This is the biggest game of the year so far. Win it and BC is 4 points ahead of the Riders with four games to go. Lose and the Lions are tied with the Green Riders and could be four points behind Calgary. Hard to imagine any better motivation for the Lions, with a three-game win streak is on the line tonight.

Fans, let's fill the building and make as much noise as possible to disrupt the Rider offense, especially deep in their end.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Looks like the Lions sure showed Durant hey GG! I thought #4 gave a PRO performance. Nothing flashy, just protected the football. And more importantly, won the game!
On the other hand, the Lions QB duo showed inexperience and rust...

If BC wants a home playoff game, their QB's will need to pick up their shoes as the next 3 games are going to be tough!!