Lions hopeless without Dickenson!!

The BC Lions proved again they are hopeless without DD. If I were a BC pussycat fan I would be very worried about DD going down with injury. He is fragile obviously and their offense is non-existent without him. Their D is mediocre not able to stop a very weak offence in Toronto and a mediocre offence in Saskatchewan. BC is in trouble -- no doubt. The season is longgggggggggg and DD is olddddddddddd yikes BC could lose 8 out of 9 should DD go down.
Riders Rule
Leos drool!!

yeah, if DD is out next week, which I think he will be, BC is done, and we will be looking at a East CO.

No doubt. You want an example of a player carrying an entire team on his shoulders? Look no further than Dave Dickenson and the BC Lions.

I only caught parts of the game. Did he actually get injured, or did they just pull him out of the game for a while b/c they thought it was out of reach? Because i though I heard the commentators talking about how his knee was bugging him...

He looked fine to me, the injury was around one of his knee apparently, hence why he didn't take a knee on the last two plays.

Of course it goes for 7 other teams too , when their starting qb is down they're going down , just like your team will Turkeybend.
Just shows how good Dickenson is , that's all. Easly twice as good as any other QB in the league.
But the guys as tough as nails , with all the hits he took last year he still played most of the year. With the much better O-line we got , he should play the whole year . He banged his knee a bit in the first half , still able to play as we all saw. Just being precautious that's all.Worry about your own team.

Sounds like he hit his knee on the turf in the first half , maybe water on the knee. Just Turkey having nothing better to say that's all. He went back into the game when Jackson wasn't getting it done. He had his helmet on the whole teime he was on the side lines.

Dave Dickenson is the toughest guy QB in the league and has proven it over the years. I wouldn't call him fragile.

Alot of teams are hopeless without their starting QB.

2 times better then any QB....ahh to much of your BC budd LOL

good video clip pokeys!!!

lol thanks.

Dickenson is like any other QB they can get hurt! Why is it they say he is fragile I think that is bull. The guy had no blocking last year and took a beating. He will be okay they will drain his knee and be ready for the next game.

You have had to much of that funny KOOOOOL Aide kid! How is the Uhaul business? The Schmooooos are going to lose today!

IMO, the toughest QB Ive seen in awhile was David Archer. In his first year with the Sacramento Gold Miners, he took hit after hit after hit, and still got up for the next play. I remember one game in particular, against BC, he took a lot of hits. Ive never seen a QB take that many shots and remain in the game.

Good nostalgia Sambo...I remember Archer... He really took a beating at times!

KK, don't worry, The Newspaper said Dickenson will play Friday. All the "Injury" was, was swelling on the knee.

Cross over to the East?

And KK I'm in shock! Are you writting off your Bombers and Tigercats after 3 weeks already? Shame, Shame, Shame, wait till Papa and Piggy read that!

we would be the frist team to even CO from East to West, so we would be #1 no less, Papa and Piggy would have no problem with that.

I remember that. The '93 Gold Miners had that NFL-style rushing offense, so their CFL-style pass blocking was pi$$, pi$$ poor.

Much as I hate to admit it, Kerwin Bell could take a hit like no one I've ever seen.