Lions home attendance disgraceful


The B.C. pussycats home attendance is dreadful and disgraceful. A wonderful stadium with remarkable rennovations, retractable roof and amazing replay screen super sized but not enough sizzle for the spoiled lowlifes is lotusland.
Here you have a team that is competitive with any in the CFL, a quarterback who is a role model if not the best in the CFL, a Canadian running back who is one of the best in the league and many exciting players yet cannot even fill the lower bowl. Even the like watching paint dry game of soccer in Vancouver is drawing more rabid fans with the Whitecaps.
I guess wet coast folks enjoy hugging trees or smoking wacky tobaccy more than exciting Canadian Football. Sad and tragic.
Maybe B.C. should just separate and float up with the 2nd hand smoke from hocca pipes away to their parallel universe.
No wonder Geroy left in a hurry.
Their marketing schemes are outdated and the average age of the attending fans is about the average summer temperature in Vancouver. Maybe they should change the B.C. Lions fight song to : 'C'mon and Yawn, You Lions Yawn..."

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One has to wonder if the blackouts have upset enough people that they have turned their backs. Barring 1 game last season the numbers are way down...that said, they are comparable to this point in 2010 and 11, if not slightly higher.

yo I gotta say watching that the skies...!!it was so far out. way cool.

I'm afraid I have to agree with Turkeybend. The marketing schemes are currently not working and tickets are still too expensive. I hate the excuse that the weather is nice, so it's a tougher draw. I don't get it. Do we complain about everything out here. If it rains too much, we complain. If it's too sunny, we complain. Sunny weather is perfect football weather.


Is this thread really news??

I gotta say i'm a die-hard Lions fan and I've watched the attendance grow from a much more disgraceful 14,000-18,000 a game. I'm just glad they're near 27,000 early on in the season. The attendance in BC always goes up later on in the season.

I, for one and many of us, haven't been able to afford to go to games since ticket prices doubled for many of us who bought the 7-11 tickets as mentioned above. I used to be able to afford to go but I haven't yet gone this season, and was only able to go to one game last season. I went to five games the year of the Grey Cup though. Including the last game at Empire, and a game in Calgary tho. I watched McCallum break the record and win the game with a 50+yard field goal and I had the view of the goalposts from the sidelines and watched it barely sneak through it was amazing. Then saw the Esks in the West Final.

I will try to go to a game this year but the fact is that we needed Bobby Ackles for a little while longer to put his vision out there. This never would've happened with Ackles here.

That being said the attendance is still in the upper 20,000 range and is still far better than the attendance they were getting this time in 2003 which was still sitting around the low 20,000 range. When Ottawa returns and more talk of a team out east, new stadiums abroad, and my financial situation improving through my going to BCIT I will get Season Tickets in the next couple years and start heading to some more games here, hopefully later in the year.

Its actually pretty amazing they are getting this high of attendance, even in the years we were getting 38,000 we managed to hit 25,000 early on in those seasons as well, so lets just be optimistic and try and get all of our friends and family that can afford it out there.

The fact is tho, maybe its the fact that there isn't a real blackout actually. You guys are saying people are pissed about the blackouts yet every single person that has HD (which is most people that attend Lions games, and myself) have HD and haven't been affected by any Blackout in several years. I really think there's two ways you can look at the blackouts. Either they're pissing people off with Standard Def that would make up another 5,000 fans to make it acceptable figures, or 5,000 HD families are staying at home to watch the beautiful new BC Place on their beautiful new HD and home theatre system.

My opinion about this attendance issue in BC place is that they used the Saturday night home game at 7pm is too late. I would prefer that the Saturday night games at 7pm starting in September and let Lions play their home game during the afternoon, preferably at 1pm to 4pm starting time during the summer to give some fan all over the province a chance to go to the game on Saturday afternoon and make some marketing deal with the hotels discount and/or ferry discount for those who buy a ticket. One game in August of last season drew 34 k on a Sunday afternoon against Saskatchewan. However, the September game at 1pm was not that bad against Montreal specially on a Saturday afternoon. I have seen roughly 100 fans with their Lions jersey on from the Sunshine Coast on the game day in the ferry on the way to the game when there's a Saturday afternoon game is on.

My prediction on Aug 5, the BC Day holiday,4pm start could be better with the attendance and we will find out if they will be successful.

The Lions need to find a way to draw the fans to the game especially with the retractable roof. I wouldn't want to go to the game during the night with the roof open, I would like the game to be held in the afternoon on the open roof is the draw for me. It kind of waste the 500 million renovation with the dome when the majority of their home games is held in the night. So if the Lions decide to experiment with the special events during the afternoon, like Canada day or BC day or a few afternoon games during the summer months on the weekend, the fan will take notice and probably want to go to a few games. Think of fans from Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast who uses the ferries and if the game is held at 7pm, then it is impossible for fans to catch the ferry home since their last ferry tend to stop running at around 9:30 to 10pm.

2 of their 9 home games start in the afternoon this year. IF the Lions decide to increase to 4 or 5 out of 9 home games in the afternoon, the fans might come to the game more often since the football is made to play in the daytime, not nighttime.

really good post coolboarder
this is awareness that the club needs to fight for during schedule creation. If it is what the market requires, so be it. In Saskatchewan for example, not only did the club come forward but several of the players requesting more Saturday evening games! The players said the energy level was just on another level for those ones.

Earlier games at say 3-5 turn into evening games for East coast TV viewers as well!

It's interesting that we have 7 really intelligent, well reasoned responses to an ill-informed, disrespectful and (perhaps the worst crime here), cringingly unfunny post.

Yet again, his "attempt" at....uggh....'stereotypical humour' falls flatter than a Prairie landscape.

It's the price... that is why nobody goes...It cost me as much as a biweekly car payment to take my Dad to a game last year... I haven't been back since.I make almost 100K after taxes a year and I'm balking at the prices... God knows what people who actually have to work in Vancouver think of the prices when their wages are half of people in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

to be frank I enjoy watching football more on TV than in actually going to games. I've been to several games at BC place ( and other locales) and the cost does come into it to some degree. Plus the inevitable ancillary costs of beer etc. To go to an event and not eat or drink is not in my repertory. But the real reason I don't go to more is I just prefer TV and settling in.

Now going to a game is an event for me. Supper and drinks before. Beer and junk there. X 2. Then after spending $4-500, if I get seats besides whack jobs or its a boring game its crazy making. But TV, and the high quality production values, is much more enjoyable outside of 1-2 live event per year.

So I don't feel disgraced. Just a choice. I guess that is why TV rights are going up. I'm part of the reason.

We are a hockey crazed nation and that does take up money as well. But I think their is enough to go around. Last year in Winnipeg , we sold out our Baseball , hockey and football facilities on the same day. Either people have passion for their home town teams or they don't. No amount of marketing will solve it. May help but at the end of the day, it's up to the community to support their teams. The amount of excuses on why people don't go, gets a bit old after a while. JUST GO !

People in Winnipeg have this thing called disposable income... People in Vancouver spend 70% of their income on housing.. People don't realize how poor people are in Vancouver. I know people who make 70K/year who live like they are on welfare there. They have to scrounge and save just to go to a movie.

So, the team used to get 35,000 fans at $25.00 per ticket and now they get 27,000 fans at $50.00 per ticket? Financially speaking, the club is doing far better now than back then.

If you can't afford a 30 dollar ticket twice a year , the last thing you should be buying,is a house, any where !FYI ,housing is not at all cheap in Manitoba , what is cheap is most Winnipeggers and we still support our teams.

This is very true. We have Translink taxing us three different ways as well. I see Translink gets some of my Electricity Bill (hydro to BCer's) they also get 17 cents a litre in gas when most people know that they have done nothing to deserve this. The Canadian Taxpayer Federation is at a loss for what Translink does with the money they collect from every gas station in the city of Vancouver out to Maple Ridge, I have complained several times to the Government and the Ministry of Transportation and had battles with Translink on Twitter.

You know what 17.5 cents per litre gas gets me in my area, bus services shut down left right and center since they took over from BC Transit (The rest of the province including neighboring Mission, Abbotsford, Squamish, and Victoria, as well as Kamloops, Kelowna, Vernon amongst others gets to keep BC Transit). In my area it gets me once an hour bus service on a very busy corridor of the city. Its a joke and the CEO of Translink makes like 250,000 a year. Its a complete joke.

We are being squeezed so tight out here its getting to the point that I find myself getting sick over how badly our City is run. We have Mayor Robertson blowing millions on bike lanes that only get used for the summer because of Tourists and Bike Rental companies. I have personally walked up and down the bike lanes in the middle of a business day in Vancouver and they're completely empty. I have to burn gas waiting to turn right at Red Light because you're not allowed to cross in front of a bike lane apparently even tho the cyclists can't move either. And he wants to build more of them and they're allowing it which is amazing. They DON'T GET USED FROM SEPTEMBER TO MAY. Does it make sense to shut down your cities economy and make you idle you car longer at intersections burning more and more expensive gas for bike lanes down each of the busiest streets in the City. The Mayor admits to being an avid cyclist on his website for several years now. I have had many long arguments with him since my earlier 20's when I lived downtown, I no longer could stand what they were doing and moved out.

All of these things factor in, quite frankly, a lot of people are just sick of going Downtown. Its no longer family friendly and parking is ridiculously expensive even to go to Stanley Park now. On top of that a family from Coquitlam is looking at 20 bucks in gas on top of that 20 dollar parking spot Downtown. If you're coming from Maple Ridge or further out to Abbotsford or Hope you're looking at 40-50 dollars gas. That has a HUGE factor in the fans that used to come and fill it up from out in the Valley.

Another huge factor was back in the 1980's people used to be able to bus from Abbotsford and Mission to Vancouver. NOW however you our 17.5 cents a litre doesn't even buy that bus route (isn't Toronto's transit system connected to Hamilton and other outlying areas) and that prevents people from coming out here that used to come out here as well. Translink does not allow a connection with BC Transit as apparently it would cause a paradox in the Space-Time continuum to do so.

The cost of food has gone up 11% since just 2011. Did we all get 11% pay hikes? I highly doubt the majority of us did.

Its really bad out here I must say.

Just so you know the tickets come to about 44 dollars. Most people have to spend an extra 17.5 cents a litre of gas than the rest of the country, and we have to pay about 20 bucks for parking for 3 hours on top of that. The gas for anyone far out from the stadium is 20-30 bucks in gas for people to come in from Coquitlam. If you have to drive a truck you're looking at 40-50 bucks gas.

Without fans advertisers don't buy. Full stands look much better to advertisers. it also does well for the concession stands to have the extra 5 or 6 thousand fans.

I would guess with TSN now an all in partner with the CFL that scheduling games for a prime time start TV audience could have something to do with it

Wow not funny but just plain stupid. I don’t like all the insults to the people in BC. Go stick your head in a turkey! :x