Lions having trouble finding offensive co-ordinator


People keep turning down the Lions offensive co=ordinator position.
Latest is Lapolice who said no.
Leos may have to bring back Joe Kapp. Hey , why not invite Angelo Mosca to be Defensive Line coach and Joe and Angelo can kiss and make up!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :roll: :wink: 8)

When a job like this opens, the applications coming flying out of the woodwork. The Lions have been approached by over 300 Pro and collage coaches, just in the first 2 days it was announced there was a opening

Talk about going on the offensive.

I couldn't see Cortez making the lateral move to BC, Lapo seems to want Head Coach job or nothing, which doesn't bother me, because if that's his thinking he can stay at TSN, then in 5 years wonder why nobody wants to interview him for an opening anymore.

Khari Jones and Jason Maas are the names popping up quite a bit in the media. Benevides stated in the beginning that the OC would have CFL experience, I wonder if Wally and Coach Bene have changed their minds now.