Lions Hang On to Beat Alouettes in la Belle Province

Tough to see Lulay go down. I hope he heals quickly. I thought Beck was fine at times but tried to force balls into spots he shoulern't have at other times, leading to a pair of second half intereceptions that didn't need to happen. Heneeds to ge a run game going to allow him to be more of a managert and less of a big play QB.

Still problems up front on offense: missed blocks, dumb penalties, receivers and both QBs out-of-sync. Offensive coordinator George Cortez's schemes didn't do anything to spring Harris in the second half; way too conservative. Try flaring it out to him, or put Harris on the line as a receiver. Anything to stretch the defense and open holes in the secondary. Still, a win beats the crap out of a loss.

But who have BC really beaten so far? Last place Saskatchewan twice, Montreal tonight in a turnover-filled affair and one good win agains the Eskimos who were without first string QB Mike Reilly. Harris must be going nuts watching those five fat slobs on our line miss block after block and receivers pretending to block outside.

Nice first start for Lavelle Hawkins, the only guy in BC's receiver corp with treakaway speed. Brian Burnham stepped up and made plays for us. For most of the night Arcenault was invisible, often double covered inside. Austin Collie made a nice catch and run in the fourth quarter and was lucky his fumble didn't count due to a Montreal penalty. For a guy who get a lot of touches he needs to be more productive.

A few more thoughts about BC's offensive line. They are going to continue to struggle both at pass protection and run blocking if they're cossistently out-manned along the line by defenders At times i saw nine Alouette defenders along the line, filling every gap, inside or outside. Cortez needs to recognize that and get balls quickly to his inside receiver on the wide side or with slant routes, to force the defensivebacks to play their positions, especially on second down.

All credit to the BC defence who, absent Cord Parks and Solomon Elimimian got a bunch of two-and-outs and overall were much improved using their pressure schemes to make Marsh make mistakes. Where has that been all year? Much improved play from the defensive tackle spots with the undersized Craig Roh replaced by the now-healthy and 35 pound heavier Zach Minter. A big step up in pocket push that resulted in sacks and hurries and harrasing Marsh all night.

Marsh was so pressured he tossed easy picks to Phillips and Eric Fraser. Kudos to Alex Hoffman-Ellis, who did a solid job replacing the injured Elimimian at the Mike linebacker spot. He made just one bad read tonight and drifted left instead of staying in the middle; that allowed Marsh to get a pretty good run to Hoffman-Ellis's right. Other than #11 was solid all night Nice first start for Lavelle Hawkins and Bbian Burnham stepped up and made some plays for us. For most of the night Arcenault was nearly invisible, often double covered inside. Austin Collie made a nice cartch and run in the fourth quarter and was lucky his fumble didn't count due to a Montreal penalty. For a guy who gets a lot of touches he needs to be even more productive.

I give special teams a B- tonight; they showed improvement but they could be better still. Tough assignment trying to stop the elusive and tough to tackle Joystick, aka Stephan Logan. Richie Leone punted well all night but misses a 49 yard field goal the right and then got a bad hold from Jennings I think on another long attempt, a pathetic one out of six points. Kickoff cover teams were good except for one long return. Ditto for the punt cover guys who did a defcent job against Logan except for one punt return. Our returner didn't exactly light it up tonight but he can only do as well as the blockers in front of him allow him to be.

I thought the decision by George Cortez to run up the gut on second and six late in the game, after our defence has again created a turnover, was just STUPID! This guy Cortez was billed as an offensive guru, a big upgrade in creativity to former OC Jacques Chapedelaine. But Cortez appears more conservative than his predecessor.

Note to Cortez: If you cannot get Harris going rushing up the inside gaps with a five man front, either take out a receiver (preferably Arcenault) and use a six or seven man front, or a two-back set to lead block for Harris. Flare him out, run the zone read or line up Harris as an inside receiver to hopefully get more production from the Lions' feature back. When Montreal overloads our offensive line —at times with nine guys— and cancels every gap, use play action and toss it over their heads. Somebody will be wide open for a big play.

I like what Gord Miller has to say but he only has two voices, either his noirmal tone or an elevated tone that somehow tends to get lost in the mix when the cowd noise goes up. Maybe turn up his microphone a few percent. Another solid job by colour man Duane Forde. He and Glen Suitor are what makes CFL telecasts so entertaning.

We play a third place Ottawa team ten days from now, a 1 PM start pacific time on Sunday, September 13th. Plenty of tim for the Liuons to rst up, get some home cookin' and prepare for the TwoColours. We'll see if "good Henry" or "bad Henry" shows up in our barn that afternoon. Keys to a BC win: get Harris into the secondary more with improved run blocking; have Beck manage the offence and avoid the picks he tossed tonight; keep kicking ass and pushing the pocket on defense like we did all night in Montreal; and keep improving on speial tema, especially the return game.

Wining beats losing every day. The long flight back from la Belle Province won't seem quite so long after a win the Lions really needed. I think we got out of tonight's win relatively healthy, except for Lulay, who looked like he suffered either a knee problem or a high ankle sprain to his left leg on a pretty dirty tackle by Kyres Hebert. Once a chap shot artist, always a cheap shot artist. Right Kyres?. Obviously BC needs their red haired chucker from Montana State to get healthy ASAP.

Dooger out. :cowboy:

Great post Dooger! :thup:

Good to see Lavelle Hawkins play well (including a TD) in his first real action with the Leos. :thup: Will be interesting to see how having a healthy Hawkins in the lineup will change the dynamics of the Lions attack. Love the fact this guy is up here (thanks to coach Tedford)