Lions guarantee a win!!!

[i][b]Some of the B.C. Lions have guaranteed a victory against the Green Riders apparently.
These Lions claim they have the Riders number.
I suggest they wait until after the game then start to holler.
If the Lions lose they are in for a long, long season. You cannot lose your home games regularly like they have been doing.
HOpefully it is a great Rider-Leos game like they usually are.

There should be more Riders fans in the crowd than lions fans though!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy: [/b]

Lions have 20,000+ season ticket holders... and have been hitting around 28,000 for attendance all year so far... somehow I doubt that 4,000/5,000 Rider fans (MAX) will outnumber them.

And where's this bulletin board material of yours? In your head?

Didn’t take long this time!! I’m now starting a pool for how many posts into a Turkey thread before someone takes him too seriously.

I've heard though that Lions fans are wimps compared with Riders fans, is that true? :wink:

Oh come on Earl, football fans are football fans. No such thing as wimps, is there now?
Edmonton Eskimo's and the New York Jets. WOW..... now thats football. :smiley:

A Lions fan yapping more than a riders fan? IMPOSSIBLE!

OMG a second jets fan in Canada

Nah brah Cats and Bills all the way :wink:

looks like the lions are gonna that W tonight too

Turkey, with your permission, can we all holler now?! :stuck_out_tongue:

BC wrote the cheque with their mouth, and their butts cashed it! Time for Coach Miller to be open to the possibility of pulling an ineffective QB when he can't move the ball.

For a fairly low scoring affair, what a game to watch this one was. And one reason why you never give up on your field goal kicker even if he's crapped most of the game. Great win for the Leos agains't the green team, thoroughly entertaining game from a neutral fans's point of view.

if the riders keep playing like this, forget about hosting a playoff game. i wonder if this is the start of a rider downslide.

Good job on the BC side of the ball. i wonder if BC QBs will play better worrying if Printers will go in if they dont shape up.

Good game, but seemed seemed like it was hard for both teams to start a rythem.

Congrats to the Lions- great pressure kick by the young-in - did anyone else notice Paul on his cell phone during the game??
A tough contest from start to finish. Buck showed some toughness but will he last the season??
My Riders found a way to hang around and comeback. Good sign even when a team is not playing well on o!
As I have said before , when the weather begins to turn ugly the one team with the offence that will be effective are the Riders. Tough to win on the road and the Riders almost did. Good win Leos. The Green and White will return!!!! :rockin: :cowboy: :cowboy:

Rider Pride Nation wide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :cowboy: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I'm not counting them out for hosting a home playoff game. I know they will be out for blood in a few weeks against BC.

Considering how quickly he's used the hook in the past I was surprised Jyles wasn't in at all.

Looks like there might not be a crossover spot either :smiley:

Would be nice to see the Riders or Shmoes on their arz :cowboy:

It's not CP that has any effect, Wally said earlier this week that if all the qb's were healthy, he would play Jackson. Pierce needs to re-prove himself, and last night was the first step in that process. Now we see if he can keep it up...betcha don't know that he had the nail on his ring finger ripped off in the first half.

Then there is this from Pederson's blog:
Rider head scout and secondary coach Joe Womack said in our pregame interview that Pierce has a "soft head" (regarding his concussion problems) and they plan to get after him early and often tonight.

A somewhat vaguely-worded threat against our QB. Don't talk about the head problem, and it's regular football strategy. Mention the concussions, and it becomes targeting.

Karma can be a pain, can't it?

tell your o line to protect him then
minor compared to what said in the trenches
no karma
not going to win a game when your qb plays bad
i would be more concerned about your goal line plays
Riders had nooo business being tied with 2 minutes left

Agreed, the O-line needs to play much better than they have.

What's said in the trenches means little, what is said in the media means a lot. There was definitely karma there last night.

Agreed. Pierce played better last night, but still, IMO, not as well as he can play.

Agreed. The Leos should have been up by two TD's in the first quarter alone. Poor playcalling when on the one. I saw that they were going to try and go up the middle each time, and knew that they would fail each time. In many of our opinions, we should leave the regular offense in at that point, and use the 20 yards of the endzone to run regular plays. I think we would be much more successful inside the 10 if we did that.