Lions greatest players

I’ve been thinking about this and it seem you have to break it down, you just can’t say so and so is the greatest. For instance, the greatest player. I have to think the player who played his position so well no other player of any time or position could or was better. Greatest carrier, obviously someone who was an all star for many years, finally the player who had the single greatest game in the Lions history. This last one is very objective and I am admittedly biased in my choice. So for me here goes.
Greatest player period…Cameron Wake. After his second game it told anyone who would listen, watch this guy. We have him for2 years before he goes home and becomes a star in the NFL. No one the Leo’s have ever had has play there position so well. Carrier, I have to give it to Lou. 20 years and only once did some dim wit think he wasn’t good enough for the lions, every scoring record in the book. Finally best game ever, yeah you know my pic. Bill Munsey for his 64 Grey Cup performance. Not sure but I can’t recall players playing both ways in a game since. I was only 11 years old but I’ll never forget that day.
Interested to hear your views. As a side note to this, Dave Skrien wrote a book with Dick Beddoes called Countdown to Grey Cup. Before the last regular season home game Craiton O’Malley had every member of the team autograph my copy for me. No one thought they would go on to win it all that year. That book will be auctioned off at the Craiton O’Malley golf tournament for the Lions alumni association this year.

Should have said…before the last regular season home game in 1985…

Tough to pick players from different eras, and every team has had so many players, you feel bad for leaving some out!

By Bailey, Norm Fieldgate, Willie “The Wisp” Fleming, “Nutty” Joe Kapp, Tom Brown, Tom Hinton, Jim Young, “Swervin’” Mervyn Fernandez, Geroy Simon, and the list goes on, and on - all all-stars in their era, and that doesn’t even include guys like Dave Dickenson (will be on the Lions Wall of Honour), Al Wilson, Brent Johnson… so many amazing players.

To me, I gotta go with James “Quick” Parker, who changed the Rush End position forever. He was unstoppable back then and allowed the rules to open up to the point where Cam Wake was something teams looked for, instead of the usual contain guys/run stoppers.

Willie Flemming and Joe Kapp

Great List. Would add Passaglia, McCallum, Dewalt, Millington, Larry Crawford,Jaimie Taras, Sonny Homer, and Mike Cacic to it.