Lions got ripped off

that ref is a dumbass. total interference on the last play of the game and we lost. I think he should be fired for a really bad missed call

Well, it may have been interference, but when Geroy stopped running before the play was even dead to turn and look for a call, he lost any chance he had of getting one. Maybe if he had kept running the play and made an effort to catch the ball, the ref would've given him a flag ... but not if you give up like that.

Nevertheless, I really wish he had got the flag :frowning:

I think Simon interfered with Mobley.

They ran into each other head-on, then Geroy changed direction and was nowhere near Printers' pass.

Face it - even if Mobley was flagged for illegal contact, the ball would be placed on the 15 and the way Printers was playing, he probably would have thrown the ball into Wiltshire or Brady's hands anyways.

did you see the EAST FINAL?

We got horrible calls 3 times [the interference call , the catch in bounds? And the DAMON so called , "fumble"] , BUT , we still deserved to lose........

6 turn overs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! , not the REFS , FAULT :wink: :cry: :smiley:

I don't complain about officiating often and I'm not saying the Lions lost because of it but how is it possible that the calls were so one sided for the whole game. Even on the pass interference on Jerel Meyer when he was blatantly mugged, the official hesitated in making the call. I'm not one to pass judgement on the officials' calls so I guess they must have had their reasons or must have been watching a totally different game.

I usually don’t whine about officials, but there were some big-time blown calls in Toronto - like when the Montreal defender stepped out of bounds on the interception return and every single ref missed it. What the hell were they looking at?

THAT is ANOTHER ONE , thanks.........but .........ARGOS : 6 turn overs!

Actually, in the BC/Edm game, I thought there was A LOT of contact on the receivers on both sides of the ball that the refs didn't call.

There was one play on second down where Tucker got molested without a flag - and it was a lot worse than what the BC secondary did against him in the 1st quarter that got the pass interference call.

Oh well. I've seen blown calls kill the Esks in important games in the past, too, so I won't whine. I think all the bad calls eventually average each other out in the end.

yeah, the lions got burned a bit, but, goofball Dickenson could not throw the ball at all tonight and the esks "D" got all over them! I was at the game tonight and even though I'm no pr ball player, I could predict everything Dickhead was throwing! It did not take long for the Esks defence to do the same and before you knew it the score was 21 to 3. A lot to overcome.

Also it seemed to me that the Lions played the game as though it was just another game. Hello!! it was the final game of the year and the chance to play in the GREY CUP at home! Anyway, I was very dissappointed.

Later, Loosers!!! The Lions that is, not the onliners.

Yeah, BC players dropped several catchable balls.

That extra week of preparation didn't help them, either. They still looked like the same self-destructive team we've watched since September.

Agree…Lions were robbed…Yet another game blown by the Refs

lol b.c. never led once in the game many calls were missed against the lions as well, the last play was not a penalty ,learn the game then post here, go eskies go!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Lions were robbed, the refs sucked. I hope you Eskies enjoy your little cheaply acquired victory cause on Grey Cup sunday, you will be thrashed into the turf by the Als!!!!!!!!!

There were some bad calls against the Argos?? Why didnt the refs just look at the replay on the Jumbotron, then reverse the call like they did against Ottawa?? :smiley:

those 3 call were all correct. Watkins was tackled before the ball was near him, cahoon had a foot in bounds it showed on the replays he was in bounds if you had challeneged that in the nfl you wouldve lost, and Allen did fumble the ball was knocked out before he began the throwing motion and he went through with it after the ball was already out another challenge that woudlve been lost

Like Mada says all those calls were correct.
The Argos are just too old and Allen blew the big game!
The superior team won!

Simon turned into the defender. The defender is allowed his lanes.

We lost because we didn't get Printers in as quickly as Edmonton got Maas in. We lost because our O-line (A problem ALL SEASON!) couldn't pass protect or block for a non-existant running game. Mountford had a field day rushing the QB, and while the stats only showd 3 sacks, the amount of rushes and knockdowns was amazing!


This is a close call. I for one belive that it was PI. Even if it's the WR that ran into the other one, he was going to the ball and had a shot to it, as for the other one, he WAS NOT fighting for the ball.

Anyway, it's my opinion.

Bad call are part of the game (if it's one...i vote for video replay in 2006 :roll: ) and the Esk have done everything to grab the ticket to the main event. Good game by both teams, very entertaining !

Let's get busy now!

Go Als Go!

Im not looking to argue with you on this one HT but
The replay showed the refs make good call on those
well I"m not sure which is the out of bounds but on the interferance the DB had his hand on the recievers face mask and as for the fumble you could clearly see DA arm going backwards and not forwards.
Which in bounds catch are you refering to?

A shockingly good assessment... :wink: