Lions GM Ed Hervey Stepping down

For personal reasons. Campbell and McEvoy will work in tandem in the meantime.

Hope he's OK health-wise.

Geroy Simon should step right into that opportunity!
2nd up should be Danny McManus

I look for Hervey to show up in a decent role in NFL. That League will see several teams cleaning house. Atlanta and Houston have already started. I think several more will follow .
I can't help but think all CFL American execs will be unsettled now.

The only way I would hire Hervey to clean house is to be as janitor. He was terrible like hiring Claybrooks before he was ready to be a coach

Yea, but who saw that coming? He was a lights-out D coordinator in Calgary for a number of years. He was popular with his players here in B.C. too. Just didn't work out (having a cast of misfit coordinators was a collosal mistake).

Yes I am not a fan of Hervey but to criticize him for DaVone's hire is LAZY.
He was courted by every CFL team looking for a HC.

DeVone hired too many of his buddies on his staff was a mistake

There was no courtship for Devone's services, if there was, I must've missed that special program on TSN, "The Decision". LOL!

Yeah you must've missed it. Bart Andrus was the moderator.