Lions get second shutout win over Elks on Saturday

EDMONTON — The BC Lions showed that nothing gets past a hungry pride of Leos with a full-team effort in the 27-0 win over the Edmonton Elks on Saturday.

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Geez we get the Lions here next week? They’re looking good.

Can we play the Elks instead?

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You get the Elks right after.

Dark Side Of The Moon turns 50 this year so let’s toast the Elk achievement with words from that work - “Dig that hole, forget the sun/And when at last the work is done/Don’t sit down, it’s time to dig another one.”

Don’t think the Elks are done digging yet.:sunglasses:


This Elk team is embarrassing for the League and fans, Now everyone wants to play the Elks because it is a guaranteed 2 points. It might seem great for the opposition fans but is the win a real win? And of course the Elk fans do not want to go and watch their team lose every night.
I understand the Elk organization is stuck with Jones because of the contract and how much it would cost to cut him. But can they continue to afford to lose their fan’s interest and subsequent loss of revenue?
Jones has made history by having sole possession of the title "Worse Home Field Record " of all time by any professional sport. And it appears he has the Elk organization over the barrow !

Why because they gave him 4 consecutive one year contracts?

No the contract was for 4 years long. According to Victor Cui (President of Elks) And the Elks are still paying for the last GM & HC they fired before Jones. According to the President of the Elks Organization they are short about $1 Million from what other teams have available.

Almost like bragging how good your team is because you whooped the Riders

Another thing about the Elks. Not really fare to any team that doesn’t play the Elks or only play 1 game as opposed to any team that gets to play them 3 times. (6 easy points guaranteed)

That was the least satisfying win I ever ‘enjoyed’. I was actually hoping the Elks would put some points on the board… No one wants to play them, and if they do my question is “why?” It was an awful game…

Well if the shoe fits ! Lets face it the Lions this year are a very good team with a score of 6 -1. As for bragging ! Well the Lions and their fans have earned that right. It’s not like other teams and their fans have not ever bragged.


Yes bragging rights for any win but put it into context when you best the Elk or the riders

Jones wasn’t at the helm for the entire duration of the streak which started in 2019. It’s a true organizational achievement.

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…or the Stamps.

Yes I know that. However Jones was hired to turn the team around after the Elks fired the previous GM & HC for poor performance.

This is the 2nd year under Jones who had pretty much free reign to do whatever was required to get the team back on track,

He did what he did in Regina. He cleaned out the roster to fit his mold instead of building it up and is doing worse this year than last.

Unfortunately for the Organization and Fan base, they have no way out ! President Victor Cui trusted Jones’ rep as a good

choice for coach and signed him for 4 long years. They went cheap (also because of limited candidates) and gave all the control to Jones as GM/HC

Regina did the same mistake except they gave Jones the VP also. And although he slightly improved the Riders did not

even make it thru the western finals after 3 years of total control. That says something about his true talent vs his rep.

Well that is why I said in my first post “a win but is it a real win.”

Regina was not hinted at, because they are still not too bad yet.

I also said I didn’t think it was fare for some teams to get 3 guaranteed wins vs other teams who don’t play

The Elks or only once. That is why I said the Elks are hurting the league, not just the fan base.

The situation the Edmonton team is in might cause the team to fold. No fans = no revenue

The League is trying to get a tenth team, this might destroy that goal.

I doubt it will come to that. The stabilization fund is 11.6 million which still buys them a few years to turn the corner.

In 2003 Hamilton went 1-17, went under league control and still found few ownership with Bob Young and they’ve been stable ever since.

If the fund runs out and they have to sell privately, the next Doman could be in the wings.

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And there are still zero ELKS.

Keep banging that drum, monty, keep banging that drum (no ones listening).

4 one year contracts, look it up…

Reading isn’t big on his list of things he does well. He has been baffled as to what this dictionary thing everyone talks about is for years now…


Fans are bragging because it’s a shutout. Even when teams get whipped, how many shutouts do you see in the CFL?

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