Lions get screwed by Stones roadies

I'm really angry about the Lions being forced to practice in Surrey in this crapp cause the roadies for the Stones didn't tear down the stage in a timely manner.

We learned a few days ago that the Stones would be postponed, so why couldn't they have partially torn down the stage and lay down 50 or 60 yards of turf in the dome for them to practice?

There's no other events between now and the Western Final so why couldn't they have laid down some field? They don't need the whole floor area to practice.

Someone obviously is slow at the switch here. I heard the Lions wanted to practice indoors the rest of the way.

So today was a total waste. They need every practice possible to be in top form for Sunday. They will need to be in top form to even have a chance cause I think Calgary and Sask are gonna play very intense.

I'm starting to get pissed off with this Rolling Stones stuff. I'm not a huge fan of them and just wanted to go to the show for the experience and now I'm seriously getting turned off cause of this Lions getting screwed around.

I hope Wally gives them an earful. They didn't need today's crapp. What would've happened if a player today would have slipped on that grass in Surrey and torn an ACL? Cause the roadies in the dome can't get their butts in gear?

This pisses me off. Shape up B.C. Place and stop screwing the Lions around!

Surprise surprise the government is stupid. lol

Who knows what the weather will be like in Dirtypig I mean Winnepeg...Im not happy about it but the boys might be better off getting a little wet...good post!