Lions get elusive road win over Bombers on Thursday

WINNIPEG — The BC Lions have done something no West Division team had been able to in the last five years.

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Great game by the lions
Winnipeg has WAY too many old guys
And it’s already evident in week 3 will be much worse by week 20
That being said the league needs to start calling Winnipeg for holding there are multiple players holding EVERY play


A Lion victory is always sweet but this one was sweeter than most. Takes me back to our rivalry with the Bombers in the early 70’s.

it’s game 3 guys. Bombers are still strong. Lions defense is dialed in. n

Great game HC Campbell
Last Nov in Regina was no fluke. It was a look into the future. The Bombers are finished, all washed up with a way too old crew Move over Winnipeg there is a new king of the jungle. Lions roar ! And take top spot in the West.

uhm no.

i’m a Lions fan. this was one win and a bit of a statement. but it’s game 3 of a long season.


Didn’t you say last week that you wanted our Lions to win just so you wouldn’t have to put up with the “bestest” talk from the Bomber fans? So glad you got your wish.


i did. but that has nothing to do with this game meaning anything other than a win.


Absolutely agree - it’s only game 3. I had called the Lions to win, despite playing on a short week because I believe they are better. The Bombers offence has been outstanding the first 2 games BUT they’ve been allowing an avg 30 points. You can’t depend on getting 30+ on offence all the time.

Doug Brown touched on a sore spot with the Bombers. They currently CAN dress only 3 DE’s- 2 of them rookies. In today’s game most teams, like BC, can field 5 or more to keep everybody fresh.

Age is a question - it was mentioned often before the season. The reason to bring back all the old veterans - 7 of them concentrated in the trenches, was GC or bust. The question isn’t if the Bombers can still win games. The question is has a younger team (or teams), passed them by. The Lions starting 24 are all 32 or younger - in their prime. They beat the Bombers handily on a short week in IGF without Rhymes, without Hatcher. Message sent.


I agree - the calls are getting louder on the holding issue. Hardrick jumped early at least 3 times in Regina & it wasn’t called. More than 1 site commented on it. Good point.

I certainly didn’t notice any more holding but being called against the Bombers than BC and noticed the usual missed holding calls on both sides.

I thought this was the worst officiated game of the season so far and that favoured BC heavily. The Bombers still uncharacteristically took many more legitimate penalties than they normally do and they didn’t lose because of the officiating, but the refs did hand BC a minimum of eight points.

As many commented, the first PI call that led to BC’s first touchdown after the next play and the legit PI call was bogus at worst and ticky tacky at best. The coverage was excellent and it shouldn’t have been called. BC scored 7 when they should have had a maximum of 3.

Even more egregious was the phantom catch out of bounds late in the first half that led to a TD the next play. That no catch if properly called would have meant a long field goal attempt that was far from a certainty so BC was gifted up to 11 first half points and certainly at least 8. I thought the command center was supposed to catch those obvious mistakes in the last 3 minutes and if I’m correct the wrong on field call that made the TD possible was a double officiating blunder.

Just on your last point I wanted to point out that the Bombers were injured far worse than BC heading into the game. Jeffcoat out. Three starting members of the secondary and one starting LB. That’s at least five defensive starters and I could be missing one. They also didn’t have Lawler, who isn’t as good as Rhymes and Hatcher combined, but is better than either of them. Also Oliveira and Schoen playing noticeably injured and probably shouldn’t have played. BC was a paragon of health compared to the Bombers.

omg just stop already


Well if we take away 8 points that means they still beat the Bombers - handily, because the Bombers scored as many touchdowns vs BC as the Elks did last week…

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Oh my lord, lord, lord, lord. That was a game and all day leading up to it I had a sweaty but crack hoping the Lions would at least make this game a close one. End of the game left me high and dry… even though people said we barely beat the Elks last week LOL.

Bring on the defending world champs next week.

I think the Elks D might be decent this year as they kept Sask and BC offence lower than the Bombers could have done. They just don’t have any offence. The fact BC got 22 points out of the Elks might be good considering just their defence. Last week was a defensive battle and the better D won. We have decent offence this year but when the D keeps the other team to one touchdown per game, you don’t need lights out offence. The team as a whole is looking good and playing as a team. It is exciting to see where they could go.


I agree Edmonton had already showing to be a much improved team over what we saw last year and no team should go to sleep on them in 2023.


Congrats to the BC Lions. You had a really great game.


Yup, beat us up at home. I’ve said this for years, the key to beating us is you have to beat us up, BC did that all over, and in our house.

I’m more than fine with the hoards coming out and crowning a new king, takes the target off us, but the goal for this year remains the same regardless of what happens in June - or July/Aug.


Bombers did not play well BUT the Lions played a great game all around! It was one win (or one loss) of a long season.