Lions get a dose of Riders Noise and take 3 Procedure penalt

The Lions Offense got a taste of playing in Noise tonight.

Those 3 Procedure penalties we took when the Riders crowd was roaring so Loud... just shows you the power of the 13th Man, when and IF the 13th Man wants to be loud

now the Lions can more appreciate how effective a dome full of Noise can be in throwing off the other team; there's nothing like experiencing it coming the other way

tonight the Riders Noise could've cost US a game.

By the way, IF the Lions make it to the big dance in Toronto: when was the last time the Lions played a Grey Cup in an opposing DOME? I guess 1985 in Montreal, but that pro Hamilton crowd didn't seem too vocal. Toronto might be different if its Montreal playing.

BRING ON ZEE NOISE Saturday night, and let's make it 40,000 as a show of support for these fighters

Let’s get minimum 35,000 on Saturday. I know I’m trying my best to get my friends to buy tickets.