Lions get a couple of starters back for week 19

Lowell Ulrich reported today (Oct. 30th) that DT Eric Taylor and receiver Marco Ianuzzi will likely play against Saskatchewan this Saturday. Ianuzzi passed the concussion protocol, but so far Arland Bruce has not. Hopefully he'll be good to go in the western final.

Go Lions Go.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

Poor Arland. And he is my favourite of favourites. Admittedly he is normally a little "off"regardless and in his own world at times. I wonder if they are “reading” him right?

Good news about Iannuzzi!

Arland is one of my faves too. Big personality and certainly seems like he's on his own planet at times but when he's on the field he's money. In my opinion he's what TO and Ochocinco could never be, a big personality but knows how to keep it in check. Yeah, he's been known for a few controversial acts but he's matured and learned from it, so it seems. I work for a cellular company and have had the privilege of meeting some of the Lions over the past 2 years. Earlier this season I briefly met Arland and while on shift he was one of the most humble men I have ever met. You can tell when someone's full of BS, but he seemed very genuine and appreciative of the kind words some fans that recognized him had to say. He's my wife's fave Lion so naturally she was extremely jealous that I met Arland Bruce.

Great news about Marco also. I hope to see him on the field this weekend. Would be terrible to have to go thru the post season without number 87.